THINK! America – Weekend of June, 2, 2018 – Show #1

Topics - June 2, 2018 - Show #1. Guest: Jerome Corsi—New York Times Award Winning and Best Selling Author/Investigator. His new book: “Killing the Deep State—The Fight to Save President Trump.”

Topics and Guest – June 2, 2018 – Show #1

Here we go again…Actor and award winner Morgan Freeman is the latest to be accused of sexual improprieties. He was the voice of Visa, but the credit card company has dropped him. Like so many before him, the #MeTooMovement seems to be taking no prisoners. Still, as seen with the Harvey Weinstein case, many of the earliest improprieties are now so old, they’re beyond the criminal
statute of limitations. This could also be the case with Morgan Freeman. How do you think the accused should respond when accusations hit the press—whether or not there’s truth in the accusation? If you were a celebrity, whatwould your strategy if you were accused? What would your first steps entail?

Is $420,00 reasonable for a homeless unit? That’s the average cost of “affordable” housing units in Los Angeles according to an analysis of state tax credit projects. In 2016, Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly approved Measure HHH to authorize $1.2 billion in bonds to pay for the construction of 10,000 units of housing which is $120,000 per unit. Obviously there’s a shortfall, so the LA City County recently voted to impose a new fee on development to raise millions of dollars more a year for what they laughably call
“affordable” housing. Of course, that tax will drive up the cost of housing for the rest of the Los Angeles population creating more economic hardships for those that pay the taxes. LA is not alone…scores of west coast cities are raising taxes to pay for affordable housing that’s not affordable. When will the voters wise-up?

Interview: Jerome Corsi—New York Times Award Winning and Best Selling Author/Investigator. His new book: “Killing the Deep State—The Fight to Save President Trump.” Topic: Corsi lays out the backstories to The Deep State, and offers strategies to rid America of its corrupt influence.

Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing are well known for paying their employees high salaries in their Seattle headquarters and you’d think that would be appreciated by Seattle’s government. Now, it seems any large company that generates over $20 million a year in gross revenue is being blamed for Seattle’s increase in housing prices. Apparently the city government has sent the bar too high when it comes to employee wages. This has subsequently led to an increase in housing prices, which the city believes is responsible for the rise in homelessness.” Their punishment for paying high wages? A “head tax” fee of $250 per employee that will be directed to help the city’s affordable housing and homeless crisis (including picking up garbage). If you were the CEO of one of these companies, would your
future growth plans include expanding in Seattle?