THINK! America – Weekend of April. 28, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - April 28, 28, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Dr. Alfred R. Johnson, Doctor of Internal and Environmental Medicine and Expert on Oxygen Therapy Chambers.

Topics and Guest – April 28, 2018 – Show #2

Investors in Miami are literally seeking higher ground to purchase single family homes than the traditional beach front properties. It’s called “climate gentrification,”… that is, people with medium or high incomes moving away from the beaches and into low-income neighborhoods, instead. This may attract new business, but also raises rents that creates tensions between new and long-term residents. Research published Friday in the journal of Environmental Research Letters shows that single-family homes in Miami-Dade County are rising in value more slowly if near sea level, than at higher elevations, as buyers weigh the possibilities of
more-frequent flooding in the short term and the challenge of reselling properties that decades from now could be permanently submerged. To all the climate change deniers, is this empirical evidence that challenges their points of view?

In China, individual freedom is considered dangerous to the state. Example– the 176 million facial recognition cameras installed throughout China. They’re so good that the Chinese police were able to identify a single wanted fugitive out of a crowd of 60,000 concert attendees using the facial recognition technology, because every Chinese citizens over 16 must have a national ID card (Resident
Identity Card). In 2015, the Ministry of Public Security called for the creation of a “omnipresent, completely connected, always on and fully controllable” video-surveillance network. So, what about our own surveillance program? Our system also presents itself as necessary for our “safety”.  Are the the words “for your safety,” when coming from the government, just code for more government control and less freedom?

Interview: Dr. Alfred R. Johnson, Doctor of Internal and Environmental Medicine and Expert on Oxygen Therapy Chambers. Topic: These chambers are doing wonders for many people, including cancer patients. Why aren’t more patients being referred to use them?

Is it possible to legislate equality? Deep in the DNA of every American is the belief that being treated equally and fairly is a right due to everyone. Historically, the perception of equality was between the state and society. It was the state that had the responsibility of serving all people equally. In fact, two of America’s most hard-earned fights for freedom were against the state. The fight for universal suffrage was against a state which did not allow women the same rights as men. The fight for civil rights was against a state which did not allow people of color the same rights as white people. But now, the definition of equality has shifted to “everyone being on an equal playing field”. How in the world do you legislate that kind of equality in a complex society?