THINK! America – Weekend of April. 7, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - April 7, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Ann Bridges, Author - A Silicon Valley Novel, Commentator on Silicon Valley Start-ups

Topics and Guest – April 7, 2018 – Show #2

Whatever happened to “Build the Wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it.” That was the pitch during the campaign trail but now Trump wants the Pentagon to pay for it, so says the Washington Post. Because the Omnibus Bill signed last week had LOTS of funding for the military and not so much for the wall per se, Trump wants to find other ways to fund his signature project. The Post report helps make sense of a tweet Trump sent on Sunday, in which he said that the “Military is rich again” thanks to the spending bill,… saying “Build WALL through M!” (military). Whatever happened to the promise of Mexico paying for the wall, or do you care who pays as long as it’s erected?

 Human Race, or Human Races? When we use the words “human races,” is that racist? One social scientist, Robert Wald Sussman, believes that the prejudice and hatred of racism is so embedded in our culture and has been so integral in our world view, that the concept of human races (plural) is not a biological reality, but a cultural one, and if there is no such thing as races, then there could be no such thing as racism. Discuss…

Interview: Ann Bridges, Author – A Silicon Valley Novel, Commentator on Silicon Valley Start-ups. Topic: Theranos and it’s founder, Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes’ company of blood diagnostics was once valued at 9 Billion dollars. But she recently settled a SEC civil suit costing her thousands and is now being criminally investigated for fraud. Lessons learned from the rise and fall of Theranos.

Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program is designed to save lives. You might be surprised to learn of this program, since you may associate the DOD with only lethal weapons. “Non-lethal weapons can play a critical role in filling gaps between shouting and shooting; options as part of the escalation of force ” Presently, the DOD is working on a directed energy weapon that tells the enemy to go away…the technology creates sound waves with laser pulses that can annoy, frighten, or otherwise send the message to people approaching a military unit that getting closer is not a good idea. There are many places where non-lethal weapons would save lives including high-density urban areas packed with civilians, security at checkpoints, warning convoy operations, providing security in humanitarian operations and for crowd management. Why don’t we hear about these positive things the military is doing?

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