THINK! America – Weekend of March. 31, 2018 – Show #1

Topics - March 31, 2018 - Show #1. Guest: Shawn Tuma, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Attorney, Scheef & Stone, L.L.P.

Topics and Guest – March 31, 2018 – Show #1

Will you be cancelling your Facebook account?  Cambridge Analytica (a firm helping Trump with his 2016 presidential election) is the data firm that legally used information on millions of Face Book users to later procure votes. They did not breech FB user agreement. When Obama ran his 2012 presidential race, his cyber team also data-mined for FB info to use for votes in the same way but they were called “innovative and smart.” With Obama’s race, CEO Mark Zuckerberg did nothing, allowing it to happen. What’s at sake really, is privacy. Now that the FTC is investigating Mark Zuckerberg for allowing this twice, Zuckerberg has publicly apologized for the availability to breach of your personal data. Will Zuckerberg be forced to answer to Congress? Will the FTC slap him with a lawsuit? If yes on both, will this change FB’s conduct, or can you no longer trust Facebook’s commitment to privacy?

Pocahontas: Senator Elizabeth Warren, also known as Pocahontas” thanks to President Trump, is refusing to take a DNA test to verify her claim she has American Indian heritage in her family. The issue is that in 1996, Harvard Law School touted Warren, then a professor at the University, as being "Native American" in response to the school's lack of minority women. The problem is that Harvard didn’t require ancestry and an official affiliation with a tribe or community to meet federal requirements for the Department of Labor. Whether Warren landed a $300,000 professor gig at Harvard based on her “minority” status is up for debate. However, she hasn’t been able to shake the accusations that she’s a “fake Native American.” If you were Senator Warren, what path would you take to ditch the  “Pocahontas” label?

Interview: Shawn Tuma, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Attorney, Scheef & Stone, L.L.P. Topic: Huawei Spying. China has a new cell
phone coming on the market which some experts say is designed to spy on its users.

Do you think the government will eventually dictate the use of driverless cars as the only means of traveling in a vehicle? Despite an Uber autonomous car recently killing a pedestrian, the driverless auto technology companies say they will be able to overcome the issue of pedestrian safety. Let’s say that’s true. Would you give up your right to drive a car voluntarily even if the price was competitively priced? Do you think this could be one of our individual rights facing erosion?

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