THINK! America – Weekend of March. 24, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - March 24, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Pallavi Ahluwalia, Immigration Attorney, Former Immigrant.

Topics and Guest – March 24, 2018 – Show #2

Facebook is facing its biggest test ever—and its lack of leadership could sink the company. This week stock with FB fell, and founder Mark Zuckerberg could face a serious Congressional hearing. Officials are demanding answers from FB after reports that Cambridge Analytics, the advertising-data firm that helped Donald Trump win the US presidency, retained information on tens of millions of FB. users without their consent. Two threads here: first, what did FB do or not do to maintain privacy with their users, and second, could Cambridge Analytics possibly be the “collusion” that Mueller is after if he charges Pres.Trump with collusion in the election? There might not be “collusion with Russia,” but many Americans think collusion of ANY KIND is not outside Mueller’s reach, especially if it links Trump? One unique aspect of this story is that FB is known for leaning left politically, BUT Cambridge Analytics data gurus may have
outfoxed FB and targeted millions of Americans FOR a Trump vote, under the nose of FB’s platform. What do you think?

There’s a minority group in America that is feared by many citizens. For the most part, they live in the shadows. They’re the homeless. In Seattle, where homelessness is rampant, King County Superior Court Judge Catherine Shaffer, has activated a 123 year-old Homestead Act determining a homeless man’s vehicle is his home, and therefore can’t be seized to satisfy an outstanding debt.  In Michigan, A Libertarian running for US Senate wants to arm the homeless with pump-action shotguns and teach them how to use the firearm. Since there are so many homeless on the streets, is it time for them to have more “tools for survival?”

Interview: Pallavi Ahluwalia, Immigration Attorney, Former Immigrant. Topic:  ICE Raids in California. The Mayor Of Oakland tipped off illegal aliens (some of whom are criminals who live with non-criminal illegals) about impending ICE raids. The Mayor could face charges of obstruction of justice.

Oh, Stormy! Stormy Daniels is the nom de plume of a porn actress who allegedly had an affair with President Trump. The extent of their relationship is unknown, but what is known is that she was paid over six figures to hush up. In recently months she has decided not to hush up (though she reportedly cashed the check), and has taped an interview with 60 Minutes about her relationship with the President. That interview is set to air March 25. Should she now be sued for talking? Should CBS be sued for airing the tell-all knowing she was under a kind of gag-order? And does America even care if the President had an affair with a porn star, given the history of American presidents and extra marital affairs (JFK, Clinton, etc.)…?

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