THINK! America – Weekend of March. 17, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - March 17, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Richard Truzbeck, Chemist and Materials Scientist, Environmental Consultant

Topics and Guest – March 17, 2018 – Show #2

During a trip to India recently, Hillary Clinton was asked, “It’s commonly said that countries deserve the governments they get? Does America deserve Donald Trump? What’s gone wrong?” After some laughter and cheers from the audience, the former State Secretary defended the U.S. against the charge: “I would have to say no, we did not deserve that.”  She reportedly went on to say that her and her candidacy was presenting progressive ideas, but Trump’s was backwards. Here’s Hillary quote; “If you look at the map of the United States, there’s all that red in the middle where Trump won. I win the coasts, I win – you know – Illinois, Minnesota, places like that. But what the map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that represent two thirds of America’s gross domestic product. So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, Make America Great Again, was looking backwards. You know, you didn’t like black more than you are. Whatever your problem is, I’m gonna solve it.” Is she blaming the America people for her loss because they wanted “backwards?” Prior she blamed Russian interference for her loss, and now white men for her loss. Hum mm. .  .can’t she get over her loss and get her story straight?

Should Billy Graham get a national holiday? Good question and for millions of Americans, the answer is yes. But is the climate in America right to award Americans a national day off because of the work of a Christian evangelical? There was dispute and push-back when Martin Luther King Jr. was considered for a holiday, for example, There is a lot that goes into the declaration of a national holiday, too. Would America do well with the Rev. Billy Graham Day? Could it get achieved under a President Trump?

Interview: Richard Truzbeck, Chemist and Materials Scientist, Environmental Consultant. Topic: As the world grows more complex, it is harder to evaluate the environmental risks that affect our lives. Public-advocacy groups, politicians and so-called experts often do their best o exploit the public’s fear of things they don’t really understand scientifically.

Should data privacy (fourth amendment rights) apply to individuals who have child pornography images on their computers? Over the years the FBI has been alerted by Best Buy computer technicians of customers’ hard drives which hold images of child pornography. When this happens, the FBI begins an investigation and appropriate searches. One instance led to the search of a medical doctor’s home, which ultimately led to his 2014 indictment on two felony counts of possession of kiddie porn. But the charges were dropped after the presiding judge in the case dismissed evidence discovered during what he determined was an illegal search.

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