THINK! America – Weekend of March. 10, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - March 10, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Jodi Weisberg, (former) Attorney and Legal Reporter

Topics and Guest – March 10, 2018 – Show #2

A case of obstruction of justice is being built against the Oakland Mayor—at least an investigation is underway at the Department of Justice. Should the Mayor of Oakland be charged with Obstruction of Justice? Some legal minds think so—that she should be charged for tipping off illegals that ICE may raid their homes. Some say giving out tips so that the illegal community has an advantage before a raid, is akin to insider trading on stocks. For her part, the Oakland Mayor says she gives the tips as a mere citizen, acting on free flow of information from person to person, and NOT as the Mayor of Oakland, but Immigration is a federal matter under federal law, and getting in the way of law enforcement to do their job obstructs that effort.

Aluminum/Steel Tariff . . .  is it just rhetoric or has Trump begun negotiating? Gotta start somewhere with foreign countries. And with Negotiations 101, you can’t start low or show doubt.  You can’t show your trump card till they show their trump card. Do you think Trump is making an extreme offer so that he has room to negotiate later in the negotiation process?

Interview: Jodi Weisberg, (former) Attorney and Legal Reporter.Topic: A soon to become Single Senior and Elder Orphan (all family is deceased) helping other “Elder Orphans” manage their financial and medical affairs starting with hiring a fiduciary.

Imagine a world where private ownership of self-driving automobiles is prohibited. If Uber, Lyft, and Zipcar get their way, this might be a reality we soon have to face. In a document entitled, “Shared Mobility Principles for Sustainable Cities,” many major players in the ride-sharing sector have laid out their vision for the future of self-driving cars. Odd, considering the free market helped out ride sharing companies against the Taxi/Cab industry. But now, the ride-sharing groups want to “control the look” of future cities by reportedly squashing the self-driving auto industry, as they pledge to prioritize people over vehicles.

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