THINK! America – Weekend of March. 10, 2015 – Show #1

Topics - March 10, 2014 - Show #1. Guest: Hughey P. Newsome of Project 21’s National Advisory Council of Black Leadership, Stanford MS Graduate and Harvard Business School Graduate, Blogs on The Objective Citizen.

Topics and Guest – March 10, 2018 – Show #1

Billy Graham has passed away, but many media figures saw his death as an opportunity to attack his work and legacy. A Teen Vogue writer hoped “the bitch” would “have fun in hell” because he was an “evil piece of sh*t.” Other media figures joined in, including Bleacher Reports writer who hoped Graham “rots in hell” and a Salon contributor who added “He’s reading the scriptures in hell, baby.” One Daily Kos editor reacted by calling Graham a “bigot,” and other writers blasted him on the subject of LGBTQ. The Washington Post’s “Acts of Faith” blog went personal by remembering Graham as an “absent father.” And finally the Guardian opinion headline said “He stood on the wrong side of history.” What has happened in America that the mainstream media is on the attack-mode against Graham,
when several US presidents/world leaders whom he advised have praised his work and legacy?

If you’re white, should other white people make you feel guilty for being white? This question about “whiteness” is discussed a lot these days, and one black commentator who believes blacks aren’t victims thinks that those who ask this question, well…shouldn’t. She thinks the “white guilt trend” just simply needs to die out. But how could that work. How does one NOT MAKE an issue of white guilt, and NOT MAKE black victim-hood an issue either

Interview: Hughey P. Newsome of Project 21’s National Advisory Council of Black Leadership,  Stanford MS Graduate and Harvard Business School Graduate, Blogs on The Objective Citizen. Topic: Black Unemployment decrease and upswing in the economy.

Is it immoral to deny someone a job because of his/her  race? On the face of it, probably so. So, why is Senator Chuck Schumer not being called out on his position? He reportedly voted against some of Trump’s judicial nominees, who were white, because of Trump’s lack of diversity in the candidate pool. Is the aim to have a mix of races and heritage in the candidate pool, or to have the best candidates, regardless of race and heritage? Why is race/heritage a factor in the first place?

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