THINK! America – Weekend of Feb. 10, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - February 10, 2018 - Show 2. Guest: Brandi Sinclair, Founder of Heritage, a Counseling and Consulting Firm.

Topics and Guest – February 10, 2018 – Show #2

Has football turned “American” again? Did the NFL (at large) somehow make a turning point at the Super Bowl? First, fans and security came out to enjoy and to protect the game—in spite of frigid weather. Second, the players all stood for the Anthem instead of taking a knee. Third, Pink toughened up enough to sing, in spite of having the flu. Fourth, Timberlake takes half time into the crowds, and Fifth, the underdog Eagles outplayed the reigning Patriots with consistent grit and determination. The Super Bowl was a Super Game,
showing American pride, spirit and toughness. Did the Super Bowl turn the tide for the League, given its bad news on concussions and many of its players taking politics onto the field?

Camel Beauty Contest – No Botox Allowed!: In America many beauty pageant contestants use Botox in their lips to swell the mouth region, so as to give a fuller, sexier look. But in Saudi Arabia, where women would never be allowed to compete in beauty pageants, Botox is still used, in camel beauty pageants, but it’s against the rules. The camel’s lips appear bigger and more lush, but some camels have been known to froth at the mouth. Is this cruelty to animals, or simply a practice of good grooming, albeit frowned upon.

Interview: Brandi Sinclair, Founder of Heritage, a Counseling and Consulting Firm. Topic: Healthy marriages. January is the month of divorces, but February is the month for LOVE! Why do so many divorce in January, and what does it take to have a healthy marriage? 4/

Is there something sexy about the two words “top secret?” Perhaps, given all the James Bond movies produced. If you’re attracted to work connected with spying or secret operations, there’s a way to get in the field, with only a high school education. An airline that the U.S. Government uses to fly to key undisclosed military air bases puts out an ad for flight attendants where Area 51 is one of their destinations,a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range. Some
conspiracy theorists believe its also known as a UFO spacecraft destination, where US scientists learn about alien life. The job posting requires you to disclose everything about yourself, and if you quality and are hired, you’ll get top secret security clearance. The airline is called “Janet Airlines” and some joke that Janet is an acronym for “Just Another non-existent Terminal.” Would you disclose everything about yourself to the government, leaving nothing secretive at all, to be a flight attendant flying into Area 51?

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