THINK! America – Weekend of Feb. 10, 2018 – Show #1

Topics - February 10, 2018 - Show #1. Guest: Rebecca Walser, Author, Tax Attorney, Wealth Strategist and Certified Financial Planner.

Topics and Guest – February 10, 2018 – Show #1 

The MEMO fallout: Republicans got a win last week with the 4-page memo, but Dems have their own. And it may come to duking it out, with Memo 2, 3, and so on going forward. Now, what if the Republicans sent out their memo BEFORE Congress approved new funding for FISA? Would FISA be funded today, at all, or would both chambers be fighting about the merits of FISA, and therefore not fund it,
until a reevaluation is done on this Act? Judge Napolitano argues that the House waited to release their memo until AFTER FISA was refunded and Trump signed the refunding. But how does he really know…maybe he was only playing devil’s advocate. FISA has been around since 1978, and has always been funded—it’s the mechanism we have to spy. What do you think? Did Republicans purposely stall?

Fake Followers: Computers are now telling us that many celebs, athletes, politicians and other news makers don’t have the millions of followers their social media accounts claim they have. Instead, the numbers are fake, and the “millions of followers” figure is actually manipulated so that the celebrity always appears more popular than he or she is. Not surprising, really, but the celebs aren’t doing anything about it, and may, in fact, be behind the puffery. What should be done about it?

Interview: Rebecca Walser, Author, Tax Attorney, Wealth Strategist and Certified Financial Planner. Topic: With the new Trump tax reform, the economy is obviously getting stronger with new jobs, more paycheck money and investments coming home. So why did the stock market drop 1600 points this week?

 The first person has been arrested recently and charged in connection with the Mandalay Massacre, but will the arrest lead to motive of Stephen Paddock? Douglas Haig, from Mesa, Arizona, was charged in Las Vegas Federal Court with conspiracy to manufacture and sell ammunition without a license.  The connection? Haig sold 720 rounds of tracer ammunition to gunman Stephen Paddock. Fingerprints linked the bullets to Haig but says none were used in the attack because he sold Paddock ammunition containing a pyrotechnic charge. Haig claims, “you would have seen red streaks coming from the window” referring to Paddock’s perch from the Mandalay Bay’s hotel room. Is there more to the story with the Haig connection, or are you settled for Paddock as a mentally ill, lone gunman who took elaborate steps to hide his tracks?

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