THINK! America – Weekend of Jan. 27, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - January 27, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Loe Hornbuckle, Expert on Senior Care and Care for Elderly in Homes.

Topics and Guest – January 27, 2018 – Show #2

Bradley Manning, who now calls himself Chelsea Manning, has filed to run for a senate seat from Maryland. Manning is the trans-gendered soldier who spent seven years in prison for leaking more than 700 ,000 sensitive documents to Wikileaks and is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for a Senate seat from Maryland currently occupied by Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin, a two-term senator.
But not so fast… Manning remains an active-duty soldier, on excess leave with non-pay status, while the appeal of his general court-martial for violating the Espionage Act and other orders are underway. And as ABC News noted in May 2017, Manning must remain in an active-duty status while the appeal process continues, though he remains convicted. It’s the active duty status that is the troubling part for the DOD, because a soldier cannot “serve two masters.” Do you think because of the left’s love affair with Manning, an exception will be made for Manning to run while active?

Preschool pay… Why are our most important teachers paid the least? In America today, many preschool teachers are on the edge of financial ruin. Yet, would improving their training and their pay produce better outcomes with their students? Research say yes, but instead the teacher position is treated more as a babysitter position, and the kids more as babies in a daycare? How is the best way to change that?

Interview:  Loe Hornbuckle, Expert on Senior Care and Care for Elderly in Homes. Topic:  As baby boomers age, there’s a shortage of caregivers in homes, according to new studies of care facilities across the US.

“Free-range parenting” can be deemed legally dangerous in any state in America. There’s been some relaxation in national laws governing the amount of freedom parents give their kids, but federal law can not be construed to preempt state or local laws.  Those who are advocates of free range parenting for raising children believe they are encouraging kids to build self-reliance skills. Others believe children should only have greater autonomy when parents have trust in the kindness of strangers. What’s your call in the role of
government and in how parents (of good-will) decide to raise their children?

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