THINK! America – Weekend of Jan. 27, 2018 – Show #1

Topics - January 27, 2018 - Show #1. Guest:

Topics and Guest – January 27, 2018 – Show #1

Are you fond of the so-called Women’s March? It descended on Washington DC last year the day after the Trump inauguration. But most reporters, anchors, and pundits had and continue to have a hard time really defining it. It began BEFORE Trump won the election, (anticipating that Hillary would win, so it was then about women supporting the first woman president), but it CHANGED to be “anti-Trump” the day after the Inauguration, presumably because the women had already bought train and plane tickets, plus hotel rooms were booked. In short, the “M.O.” was changed to Anti-Trump, (not Pro-Woman) and it carries a militant feel? What do you really think about the Women’sMarch? Are there elements that do good?

Does Social Media have a Wizard of Oz? Facebook and Twitter have been criticized in recent years for their way of screening out conservative messages over liberal ones. This is seen through selective advertising, and was certainly evident during the political campaigns of 2016—especially the presidential campaign. Makes one wonder, if there’s a kind of Wizard of Oz behind the curtain or veil of social media, and if so, is the wizard a rich leftist puppeteer of sorts, like a George Soros? What have you observed with FB or Twitter or any social media regarding this phenomena. (If you’re not on social media, ask a family member about their experiences.)

Interview: Dr. Sally Dietz, Topic: The first prescription video game that is used as therapy for kids with ADHD..

Is it important to educate children, from five to twelve years old, on the sexual identity of accomplished Americans who have made historical or social science contributions? The California Board of Education has decided it is – and parents have no say in it. Last November, the Board approved 10 textbooks, for kindergarten through eighth-grade public school kids, that are LGBT-inclusive. The state board of education also rejected two books that did not include LGBT history, as this exclusion violates California's
2011 Fair Education Act. Do you think it’s necessary that an accomplished person be identified by his or her sexual preference in public school textbooks?

Change Your Life Technology: Sound Extinguisher (for fire) – Flame Burster.