THINK! America – Weekend of Jan. 13, 2018 – Show #2

Topics and Guest – January 13, 2018 – Show #2

New England residents are getting pretty nervous about staying warm this winter thanks to strict environmental laws. The last coal plant was shut down last summer and the power suppliers rely on natural gas pipelines to get power to people. In recent years, environmentalists have fought to limit the gas pipelines which in-turn limits the availability of fuel for natural-gas- fired power plants. The recent horrifically cold weather in New England is causing energy demands to surge, pushing up prices and straining supplies. It’s getting tough for power companies to keep up with the need for warmth from their customers. The irony is that some of the power plants are now burning oil to generate power – exactly what the environmentalists hate the most. Do you think New England regulations will ease up for winter heating needs in 2019 to meet the needs of the citizens?

Both Korean countries are in the headlines nearly every day these days. In the North, there’s always saber rattling by dictator Kim Jung Un with missile testing and overt bragging about their nuclear program, and now they will get to send a small delegation of athletes to the Winter Olympics…and the South says that’s a good sign for possible future talks and a softening from the North. Do you think this is an important (albeit small) gesture for thawing out relations with North Korea or do you think North Korea is coming to the table only for the Olympics? 

Interview: Dr. Melissa Santilli, DDS, Honey Dental in Cross Roads, TX  Topic: There’s an increase in Americans claiming they are over-stressed (and it’s not good stress or healthy stress) and are taking it out on their teeth. Turns out to be true as dentists are noticing more grinding and are ordering more hard night guards for patients to prevent them from grinding down or breaking their teeth. Why do people take out stress on teeth—especially at night?

Can you trust the Red Cross with your money? It’s gotten bad wrap ever since the 9/11 disaster, especially when the Red Cross “re-purposed” $200 million from its 9/11 Liberty Fund.  During Hurricane Harvey, Houston city councilman, Dave Martin, even went live to beg his constituents not to donate to the “Red Loss”. However, it’s the only constitutionally designated disaster relief organization responsible for “a system of national and international relief in time of peace.” The Red Cross is singularly burdened by

Congress with the enormous task to prepare for and respond to disasters everywhere. That’s a tall order! True, it’s quasi-governmental, but it only receives a tiny bit of its budget from the Freds–, two to three percent on average. The rest comes through donations. Does America need an organization like the Red Cross in times of disasters? What would Americans do without it?

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