THINK! America – Weekend of Jan. 6, 2018 – Show #2

Topics - January 6, 2018 - Show #2. Guest: Emily Taylor, US Law Shield, Expert on Bump stocks and Machine Guns.

Topics and Guest – January 6, 2018 – Show #2

A list of 59 accomplishments by President Trump in the first seven months of his presidency re-circulated late December. The list is from bloggers both for and against Trump summed up 2017. (Add to the list, tax cuts in December, as the first major Trump legislative action.) This list is attached below and is attributed to a former professor (now emeritus) Ray Schneider, at Bridgewater College. Schneider is conservative. In the Daily Kos’ (leftist) discussion chat room, bloggers scrambled to compare this list with Obama’s first year.  Should more conservatives and independents begin marketing President Trump through social media, chat rooms, blogs,
etc. the way Professor Schneider did? If so, would it help against mainstream academia and mainstream media? Why? Why not?

Hang overs could be avoided altogether by 2050. That’s according to Professor David Nutt of the Imperial College London who patented a synthetic he calls “Alcosynth”.  In the future, synthetic beverages will be able to deliver all the desirable and none of the negative effects of booze. Think of the lives that will be saved and the end of despair for families and friends who live with alcoholics. It sounds promising – but what do you really think? Is it the “holy grail” or a life of emotional bankruptcy that Aldus Huxley describes in Brave New World for the synthetic drug “soma”?

Interview: Emily Taylor, US Law Shield, Expert on Bump stocks and Machine Guns. Topic: What is the latest with a possible ban on bump stocks? We hear little to nothing about the Las Vegas Mandalay Massacre, and bump stocks were at the center of the story. The anti-gun crowd wants them banned and the NRA is not totally in conflict with them.

Facebook has been building a giant facial recognition database that allows them to identify their active users…close to TWO BILLION USERS! The company achieves this by their photo-tagging feature (introduced in 2010). Users voluntarily participate in helping FaceBook by tagging friends in a posted photo.  The company then keeps track of our tags and compiles a database of what we all look like. In fact, 100 million people are tagged every day.  Naturally, a lot of people think this is an invasion of privacy. So, last week, Facebook announced in a blog post that it will be giving its users new “optional tools” to help them “manage their identities” on its platform. How will they help? Facebook will automatically tag your image any time you appear in someone else’s photo so that no one can use your face as their profile picture. But, not to worry – in the very near future, you’ll be able to opt out of auto-tagging. Does anyone have concerns over what Facebook will do with this facial recognition database?

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