THINK! America – Weekend of Jan. 6, 2018 – Show #1

Topics - January 6, 2018 - Show #1. Guest: D. Jack Oswald, Author - 30 Years High, Serving Two Masters

Topics and Guest – January 6, 2018 – Show #1

The New You in the New Year… I’m going for Anti-Resolutions This Year! Old bad habits are hard to break, such as eating too much, spending too much, smoking too much, drinking too much. Should we forget resolutions altogether? No…maybe we should break down the resolve into bite-sized pieces, because resolutions are usually too general and too hard to achieve, otherwise. Rather than say, “I’m going to get healthy, perhaps you should say, “I’m not going to eat fast food in 2018.” By being specific with an “anti-resolve” such as “I’m NOT going to do something,” may make you more likely to succeed. Name a couple of your 2018 anti-resolutions.

Obama gave Hezbollah Drug Lords a pass. Reportedly, to get The Iran Deal finished and signed, then-president Obama had to let the terrorist group Hezbollah off the hook. Many of Hezbollah’s top drug and arms dealing terrorists who were set for charges with sealed indictments, were dropped. In short, The Obama Administration stopped a DEA task force from prosecuting altogether, and one former CIA agent told Politico that the CIA was pressured to declare a “moratorium” on its operations against Hezbollah — from the top down. Now that there are more uprisings in Iran, are you of the opinion that the Iran deal was for naught? A waste of time, money, and effort?

Interview: D. Jack Oswald, Author – 30 Years High, Serving Two Masters. Topic: How does one really get sober in the new year or anytime? It’s step by step, they say, but which step goes first, then second, and so forth?. Does AA and NA have the formula

Portland, Oregon’s Liberalism and Homelessness. Portland, Oregon is known for its liberal residents. Some companies like that, others…not so much. The CEO of Columbia Sportswear recently said that relocating his company to downtown Portland may have
been a mistake, citing the crimes and indecencies his employees have endured, including dealing with transients and the homeless.
But Portland’s mayor’s answer is to offer city security training to employees of downtown businesses. Good idea?

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