THINK! America – Weekend of Dec. 30, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - December 30, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Joselyn DeLoncker, Author - Growing Up Panicked - addresses Psychological and Social issues.

Topics and Guest – December 30, 2017 – Show #2

Goodbye 2017. . Typically, the end of the year brings on thoughts of the year in review, and a review of the most significant memorable
current events. It also brings on personal thoughts of one’s individual year, and personal thoughts of having a better new year. Each year we see images of The Grim Reaper taking a tally on how we’ve done morally as another year comes to an end, as well as images of a brand new baby in diapers (with diaper pins), giving us a fresh start. Make a list of 2017 news stories which stood out to you, as well as resolutions we as a nation should have for 2018. Discuss why.

Will summoning the dead through a Ouija Board finally get to the real truth as to why Hillary lost?  On the anniversary of the election in November, two women summoned Karl Marx. They are with Broadly, a women’s news online publication of VICE Media, and they hosted a live Facebook broadcast to reach the socialist philosopher. The broadcast was solemn and their intent seemed sincere.
One of them, Sara, said Marx’s ghost was summoned because “I think the spookiest thing of all is capitalism… personally, like, that’s what terrifies me in my core late at night.” Reportedly, they didn’t reach Marx, but instead, the spirit of the Democratic Party, which asked questions such as “Do you like Bernie Sanders? Did you read Hillary’s book? “What gender are you?” When they got nonsensical scrambled answers, they claimed they were having “messaging” problems. Why is it so hard for the Left to figure out why Hillary lost?

Interview: Joselyn DeLoncker, Author – Growing Up Panicked – addresses Psychological and Social issues. Topic: Time Magazine’s Person of the Year– #MeToo. Hollywood, the media and news industries, politics and other fields have been exposed through the #MeToo movement, with countless women (and men) speaking up to name their abusers and/or harassers.

Prostitutes, vacations, luxuries, and lots of cash: Fallout of “The Fat Leonard” Navy Bribery Scandal of 2017. This is an ongoing Navy investigation, and so far it has involved more than 60 admirals! It is considered the worst scandal in modern US Navy history, some have been convicted and sentenced, and more top brass could be involved. It centers around a Malaysian tycoon, aka “Fat Leonard,” who bribed Navy officials with carnal pleasures, over billed the US Navy millions, and even learned top military secrets. The tactics
Fat Leonard used are as old as the hills, and yet top Navy brass fell for it. How could they fall for such lures, losing their stripes or their whole careers, and going to prison? A sad commentary about Navy brass, at end of year, when so many other service personnel serve honorably.

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