THINK! America – Weekend of Dec. 16, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - December 16, 2017 - Show #1. Guest:

Topics and Guest – December 16, 2017 – Show #1

How Baking a Cake is a case for the Supreme Court: The Supremes now have the case of the clash between religious liberty
vs discrimination against gays. It involves a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake to celebrate a same-sex couple’s marriage
because he wants no part in a gay celebration. He believes God designed marriage as a union between one man and one woman.
And he also believes in his personal right to artistic expression, which would be violated if he had to design a “gay cake.” How will the
Supreme Court rule on this one?

Some anti-Trumpers have decided to erect a hotel for well, other…anti-Trumpers. They say they only want to interface with like-minded liberals and will be building a hotel, in Washington, DC, just for that. They want counter-cultural art, progressive fireside chats,
and craft materials sold in the lobby for protest posters. It’ll be the world’s first politically motivated hotel and is set to be a flagship for a
global brand built around social activism and community engagement. How will they screen for only liberals to use it? Could
something like this be successful?

Interview:  Ron MacDonald, Author of Arlington Anthology, Published Photographer. Topic: The untold stories of those who reside at Arlington National Cemetery.

Leaders in Congress are trying hard to be to be fair with individual members accused of inappropriate sexual
conduct. They don’t seem to have a clear road map, so they are left to wing it. In recent days, Sen. Al Franken has resigned, as well as
Congressmen John Conyers and Trent Franks. But Roy Moore refused to quit! And then there’s two Texas reps, Blake Farenthold
who used $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a staffer’s harassment claims and Joe Barton, who sent sexually explicit message to a
woman on Facebook and had a nude picture of himself get leaked on Twitter. The approach to correct the problem has been haphazard,
because some of the alleged behavior is very old, and/or occurred prior to public office, or if in public office, didn’t’ rise to the level of an
ethics investigation—until now, thanks to the #metoo movement. If you were to write the rules handbook on conduct, what wording would
you use?

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