THINK! America – Weekend of Nov. 25, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - November 25, 2017 - Guest: Chuck Nash, Retired USN, President of Emerging Technologies Industries International, Fox News Contributor--Senior Military Technology Analyst - Terror and National Security

Topics and Guest – November 25, 2017 – Show #1

Do we need a thermometer to measure the “level of awfulness” in the accusations of sexual misconduct by elected political officials in order to decide if they should still represent their constituency or leave office? The closest we have to a “level of awfulness” thermometer is the “Ethics Committee” of both the House and the Senate. How would you advise them to act in the case of Senator Franken?

In New York City, the term ladies and gentlemen will no longer be used on the Metro transport. This, because New York believes there are far more genders than just female, as in “ladies” and male as in “gentlemen.” So, the announcement “ladies and gentlemen” will be cut and substituted for gender-neutral phrasing. Seems the Big Apple doesn’t believe in “ladies and gentlemen,” in terms of politeness, either. If they did, they would use the phrase. Does it have real ladies and real gents?

Interview: Chuck Nash, Retired USN, President of Emerging Technologies Industries International,  Fox News Contributor–Senior Military Technology Analyst – Terror and National Security. Topic: NYC Terror, and Mandalay Massacre updates.

So, you’re female, 33 years old, not married, no serious relationship, upward on a great career path and your biological clock is ticking. Should you want children, now there’s the option of “freezing eggs.” And, you can fertilize them later when the time is right. Is this a marketing ploy from medical clinics trying to make a buck that give false hope to women having babies later in life? And to the bigger question, can you really have it all? Let’s discuss.

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