THINK! America – Weekend of Nov. 11, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - Novembe 11, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Anna Nagurney, Mathematician, Economist, Educator, Author and Expert in the Field of Operations Management.

Topics and Guest – November 11, 2017 – Show #1

What to believe? Who to believe? An essay in Frontpage Magazine uses an interesting phrase to describe fake news: “story laundering.” It’s a play on the term money laundering using the idea of moving a story through the press without further investigation, or piggybacking off another reporter’s story, or writing half-truths, or publishing outright fake news. The Trump Dossier is an example of a made up story that was not only sold to the public, but also sold to the FBI, and neither the MSM flushed it out nor did the FBI, completely. When there is a breakdown in reporting (which should seek the whole truth and nothing but the truth), we the people are
left with degrees of propaganda. Since Truth is always the disinfectant, we need the whole truth. Otherwise, we have “story laundering” when we never get the “Clorox” into the laundry. Discuss…

Send in the Clowns! Author of all-things- scary Stephen King, is the target of a union pushback. The World Clown Union is blaming King for ruining their reputation. They say clowns should not be portrayed as scary, criminal, creepy, or even as science fiction characters. They say these images give real life clowns a bad rap and it even costs them jobs. Really? Do you think this is another example of clowning around being PC, or have scary clowns ruined Bozo?

Interview: Anna Nagurney, Mathematician, Economist, Educator, Author and Expert in the Field of Operations Management. Topic: With hurricane season now over, the cleanup continues, in Houston, in Florida and in Puerto Rico. Many communities rely on the Federal Government to organize the cleanup, but should they?

Robotic military warfare may need a code of conduct or  “Rules Of War”.  Fighting robots exist now and will be used by the Ukraine military against Russian-backed troops as early as next year. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) already carry weapons and are used combat but Unmanned Ground Vehicles have not yet been armed. An operator-controlled ground robot, dubbed The Phantom, was
introduced in October at a US Army annual meeting in DC…So, are robots the next foot soldiers? Should they be?

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