THINK! America – Weekend of Nov. 4, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - November 11, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Brad Zinn, Comedy Impressionist, Magician and One-Man Show Artist of “The Great Comedians.”

Topics and Guest – November 4, 2017 – Show #2

A politician would have to be out of his mind to challenge the federal government’s “Endangered Species Act.” If you do, re-election chances diminish. But, because of the wildfires this year, some politicians like Sen. Steve Daines of Montana are challenging
the Act. He claims environmental groups use this law to stop land management necessities like cattle grazing, brush clearing, logging,
controlled and prescribed fires which burns out old debris minimizing wildfire risk. Given his state of Montana was on fire last summer, Sen. Daines argues for land management changes stating we “either manage the forests, or the forests are going to manage us.” Is he
correct…are the forests managing us?

NASA wants to hire you—as a Planetary Protection Officer. Yes, you heard that right. If you qualify, this job opening pays $124,000 to $187,000 a year to protect us against alien life, and to protect alien life against us. You get to work with really smart people as part of a three-to- five year appointment, and you don’t have to manage anyone, per se. Your work could stop an alien invasion of Earth, or it
could protect other planets from us. Is this a waste of money or a necessary job that must be filled? As a taxpayer, how do you see it?

Interview: Brad Zinn, Comedy Impressionist, Magician  and One-Man Show Artist of “The Great Comedians.” Topic: When Comedy Was Clean. Why can’t it be clean now?

Is it time to commodify sex – to make prostitution legal? Recently in San Francisco, at the 9 th circuit, 3 judges indicated they’re willing to take a closer look at the law that protects intimate personal relationships. They’re willing to study sex as a commodity or as
“merchandise” and, by extension, study it’s monetary value. Generally speaking, laws change with shifts in society's mores, so do
you think it’s possible that prostitution would become legal in some way under a 9 th circuit ruling? If so, (in an unintended manner) could this be a legal way to objectify women?

Change Your Life Technology: Welcome to NEOM: A $500B Mega City.