THINK! America – Weekend of Nov. 4, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - November 4, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Dr. Bonner Cohen, Expert on Antiquities Act and National Monuments.

Topics and Guest – November 4, 2017 – Show #1.

New angle on Mueller: This week a short-term campaign manager to the Trump presidential campaign, Paul Manafort and deputy Rick
Gates, received federal indictments. Paul Manafort was brought into the Presidential Campaign to manage the RNC Convention last
summer because a delegate fight for who would be named the presidential candidate was brewing within the GOP. Rick Gates was
Manafort’s aid on the matter. Manafort himself was only with the campaign from May until August of 2016. The indictment points to
significant money laundering and Russia going back years before the campaign, but the dates in the document suggest the investigation
will continue to look at other players who may have been involved in our 2016 election.
How did a “Russian collusion” investigation produce  indictment on money laundering allegedly happening years prior?

What’s going on with Playboy? First they decided that nudes are passé even though the magazine made its name and fortune with
nudes…so they switched to pictures of clothed women…which hasn’t exactly resurrected the company. Now, they’ve decided to feature
the first transgendered model. Is the red-blooded America hetero-sexual male, which is Playboy’s customer base, going to want to look
at a guy who’s had surgery to look like a gal? What is Playboy thinking? Would Hefner approve, or is he rolling
over in his grave?

Interview: Dr. Bonner Cohen, Expert on Antiquities Act and National Monuments. Topic: “In keeping with Pres. Trump’s campaign
pledge to undo the harm the massive national monument designation has inflicted on rural areas in the West and Maine, and fishing
communities along the NE coast, and other area, the WH should take action,” says this guest.

If a gunshot goes off in your neighborhood, chances are good you’d call the police. If they send in a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to the area to get a visual fix on the situation before they send in officers, would you object? Well, if you live in Los Angeles, you’d have to comply. Last week, the LAPD civilian police commission voted to approve proposed guidelines for a one-year UAV pilot
program. According to the guidelines, UAVs will not be equipped with lethal or nonlethal weapons and will only be deployed in a narrow set of circumstances. Do you agree with the use of drones by the police in select situations?  Or, is it the first step in violating your fourth
amendment rights – just another secret way for government to snoop on the personal lives of citizens?

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