THINK! America – Weekend of Oct. 28, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - October 28, 2017 - Topic #1. Interview: Everett Piper, President, Wesleyan University - Author, "Not a Daycare".

Topics & Guest – October 28, 2017 – Show #1

Las Vegas Metro Police are now asking for the public’s help after the Mandalay shooting massacre. They specifically want to now if Steven Pollack, the shooter, had accomplices. Axon is a lead maker of police body cameras. They are now expanding to include Axon Citizen, a software that organizes and maintains images and videos provided by the public to help them solve crimes. Soon, the public will be able to upload imagery to which relates to any ongoing investigation, thus reducing the need for police to examine your phone as evidence. It’s an efficient tool and cost-effective reducing police time downloading, printing and transferring to a USB drive. Yet, many people feel privacy is eroding further. Are you in, to help police using this technology—say, particularly with the Mandalay Massacre? And, if someone uploads your picture for an investigation, would you feel guilty by association?

Can lattes from Starbucks fund white supremacy? Really? That’s the charge by a feminist group. They say because Starbucks has a location inside Trump Tower, your pumpkin spice latte this time of year is actually funding the “white supremacy” coming out of the White House! There’s not much logic here, unless you’re part of this group and then you’re all in…. but the group fails to point out that a Starbucks inside TT could be a franchise location…and not part of a Starbucks corporation decision. But even if was… humm… funding white supremacy?

Interview: Everett Piper, President, Wesleyan University – Author, “Not a Daycare”. Topic:  The sissy-student who can’t cope in a college setting. Sometimes these students are referred to as “Snowflakes” who need coddling and extra help to get through a rigorous 4- year degree.

Misandry: This is defined as hatred of men manifested in insults and dismissals of men’s efforts and actions, and the opposite of misogyny. In the case of misogyny, the put downs and insults are well known. For men, it’s more invisible. If men are fair targets for a running commentary of contempt, why is it not talked about much? Some items heard about men: Men only think with their (blank)…A man wouldn’t understand…Men can’t hear the word “No.”…Be a man…Don’t be a wussy…All men are pigs. Patriarchy does hurt women but what about men? Patriarchy demands a rigid standard of not just looks but how men act. Men who dare to not follow this strict standard are faced with criticism. Have you seen or experienced misandry?

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