THINK! America – Weekend of Oct. 21, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - October 21, 2017 - Show #1. Interview: Mark Flatten, National Investigative Reporter, Goldwater Institute.

Topics and Guest – October 21, 2017 – Show #1

From the beginning, Hollywood took ownership of the deeply flawed Harvey Weinstein (and others like him) and now – they can’t “un-own him”. From celebrities to the entire film industry, there’s no wiggle room of deniability for his sordid sexual free-for- all. Currently, the Hollywood elite is getting its fair share of ridicule and criticism for“Pre-Harvey” moral preening, but might there be long-term consequences for stars that didn’t out him? And, will Hollywood’s “fall from grace” on this issue stop the industry from moral grandstanding on other issues such as discrimination, sexism, global warming, energy, guns, military, etc., towards the nation’s “mere mortals?” In other words will this sexual harassment scandal have “legs?”

Is Ivanka at odds with The Donald on The Dreamers? Sounds that way. The President’s daughter is defending what she calls the
“innocent” dreamers who face mass deportation from her father. She wants a permanent fix to DACA, and not an “Executive ‘bandaid’
Order” that is given and rescinded from Administration to Administration. Can Ivanka fix the problem of 800,000 illegal Dreamers? Or is she dreamin’?

Interview: Mark Flatten, National Investigative Reporter, Goldwater Institute. Topic: City Courts and how due process is denied the Everyman.

At the end of the day, consumers shape the market, and businesses adapt. Such is the case with Airbnb, a successful company. They profit in the person-to- person or sharing business that fits consumer travel needs for cheaper lodging. This home-rental
company is working in partnership with Newgard Development Group, to build and own a 300-unit rental complex in Kissimmee, Florida. It will be called Niido powered by Airbnb”.   It’s like a hotel. The “hotel” apartment building will come with extra services to help
tenants rent out their apartments on Airbnb for up to six months out of the year. The building will offer short-term rental-friendly features like a cleaning services, keyless doors and in-room secure storage. Tenants will get their own app tailored to a landlord-supported Airbnb rental. When listed on Airbnb, the property developer gets 25 percent, Airbnb gets 3 percent, and tenants get the remaining 72 percent. Do you think we’re heading to a society where there will be no personal ownership of the most expensive necessities in life, such as homes and autos?

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