THINK! America – Weekend of Oct. 7, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - October 7, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Dr. David Henderson, MD, Psychiatrist

Topics and Guest – October 7, 2017 – Show #1

Mass shooting in Las Vegas– worst in history of America. This week the Mandalay Hotel housed a mass shooter who carefully planned how to attack an open-spaced area of 22,000 country music concert attendees. The shooter, Stephen Paddock 64, used his height in the hotel at the 32 nd floor to spray down numerous bullets onto innocent people, wounding hundreds and killing nearly 60 (as of this writing). While the FBI and local law enforcement are saying he’s a lone wolf because there’s no evidence to a wider terrorist plot, Paddock nonetheless choses a “soft target’ to randomly shoot, and to inflict mass casualties, similar to an ISIS attack. Should Americans
steer clear of wide, open spaces, for fear of attacks on the masses?

Puppies won’t be used for medical experiments any longer if Congress has its way. Appropriately, named the Pupper’s Act (Preventing Unkind and Painful Procedures and Experiments on Respected Species), its purpose is to block any medical experiments that cause pain or distress to man’s best friend. This bill has been introduced by Virginia Republican Congressman David Brat and four other Congress members also support it. Brat felt it was necessary after he learned a VA facility in his congressional facility was not following the federal animal regulations and instead caused dogs undue pain, suffering and even death. The VA agreed and further stated that almost all of its animal studies were done using other animals like rats, but research on dogs is critical to medical advancements. Are Congress members showing outrage because they can get a lot of press for The Pupper’s Act . . . after all, no I

Interview: Dr. David Henderson, MD, Psychiatrist. Topic: The ordinary hero and the ordinary traumatized, after Mandalay Massacre. Fallout will include numerous people who are traumatized. Plus, addressing the primary first-responders—those ordinary citizens who become good Samaritans when tragedy suddenly strikes.

The lure of Hugh Hefner. Hefner died recently at the age of 91, and will be interned next to the remains of Marilyn Monroe, who was his first model on the first cover of Playboy. Lots to say about the founder of Playboy and the magazine itself, but he died being rather irrelevant, especially since Playboy sales dwindled over the years. Within perspectives of today, would Hefner be able to get a start and thrive? After all, one of his female secretaries who was fried from Playboy, protested in front of his offices had this to say,”
Hefner has made millions selling this air-brushed image of women to insecure men who are taught to want a playful pet rather than a
person. But it won’t work. We will no longer sell ourselves in return for a pair of ears, a tail, and a condescending pat on the behind.”
Was Playboy magazine good for men? Good for women? Was Playboy good for America?

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