THINK! America – Weekend of Sept. 23, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - September 23, 2017 - Guest: Fred Cuella, Author "The Buffer Zone, It's Not Just What You Eat, It's When You Eat It".


Topics & Guest – September 23, 2017 – Show #2

American politics seems to have crept into our everyday lives in practically everything we do. This includes how we dress, the
language we use, how we spend our free time, and even the aid given to hurricane victims has political spin associated with it. It’s
becoming harder and harder to remember a time when politics wasn’t in our day-to- day, and this trend seems to be intensifying. Along with this comes a sense of “whose side are you on, anyway?” as if everything is a political battle to be won. Consequently, are we witnessing the death of fun in America?

Recently, Bradley Manning (Chelsea Manning) did the same thing that Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) did. He/she posed for a high-end magazine in a bathing suit. Manning’s one piece red bathing suit was featured in Vogue along with an article about being released from prison and ultimately pardoned by Pres. Obama after sending 250,000 classified pieces of material to WikiLeaks. (Bruce Jennner/Caitlyn Jenner”s story was told in Vanity Fair, as you recall.) In spite of the newly found identity and publicity of Manning, of many people feeing negative towards Vogue, such as this tweeter: A little confused why you would want to celebrate someone who is a
mentally unstable, suicidal traitor. And what about this tweet from President Trump? Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Is doing a bathing suit shoot for a high-society magazine the way to normalize transgender behavior and to legitimize a criminal past?

Interview: Fred Cuella, Author “The Buffer Zone, It’s Not Just What You Eat, It’s When You Eat It”. Topic: Big business may be feeding the obesity epidemic. It gets us hooked on junk food.—on purpose.

One of the “Four Horsemen of Atheism,” Richard Dawkins, was rejected as a speaker at Cal Berkeley by the event’s organizers
because his comments about Islam had “offended and hurt so many people. ”He criticized the tenets of Islam saying “Islam is not a religion of peace.” It’s not surprising to hear an atheist, who by definition rejects all religions, also denunciate Islam. But the modern American Leftist now rejects not only Christians, but Atheists as well, because of their stand on Islam. Atheists were once the honored intellectuals of the Left, but they have been kicked out of their “safe spaces” and are now being criticized for being Islamophobic. Why do those on the Left embrace Atheists when the Atheist denigrate Christianity, but reject Atheists when the Atheists denigrate Islam?

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