THINK! America – Weekend of Sept. 23, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - September 23, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Dr. Francisco Ricardo, Founder of Conceptualist Films in Burbank, CA, Media and Culture Expert
Topics and Guest – September 23, 2017 – Show #1 Can President Trump save the United Nations or should it be disbanded? “We have it in our power to lift millions from poverty, and to have our children realize their dreams.” Trump used these words while addressing the United Nations this week in NYC. He stated that America doesn’t impose its values and ideals on any country, but rather lets it shine as an example. He also stressed that he will always put the American people first, as other leaders should do with their people. Yet, the United Nations was designed for “nation cooperation.” As such, is it time that the UN be  missiles, and Iran, which has turned itself into a terrorist-supporting state. Is the UN essentially valuable? Is it worth it for the US to stay in, given the US pays over its fair share of the UN budget?  Can Trump change the UN? Should he try? If so, how? Affirmative action has been in the news of late, and Asian-American students are at the heart of this fight. An anti-affirmative action group called “Students for Fair admission” filed a lawsuit against Harvard in 2015, alleging that the college, and other Ivy League institutions use racial quotas to admit students to the detriment of more qualified Asian-American applicants. (The idea is that one’s race and ethnicity should not be something to be used to harm you in life, and nor should it be used to help you in life.) At this juncture, it’s hard to tell if the Trump administration may or may not be preparing a legal assault against college affirmative action policies. Should it? Interview:  Dr. Francisco Ricardo, Founder of Conceptualist Films in Burbank, CA, Media and Culture Expert. Topic: Is the hash tag culture spilling over into real life, and what causes this “sheep” mentality. Has our ability to reflect, reason and understand now lost? Politics may not be fun, and it’s often called a blood-thirsty sport, but it can be funny. Take Hillary’s new book “What Happened,” for example. If you could rename it, in a hilarious way, what title would you give it and why? Here are some samples: The Odyssey, Part  Two; If I Can’t be President, No One Can; So Many Excuses, So Little Time. Change Your Life Technology: Smart Vests Turn Homeless Dogs into Street Fighters Protecting Humans.