THINK! America – Weekend of Sept. 16, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - September 16, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Alex Doubet, CEO, Door/Real Estate, Real Estate Specialist.

Topics & Guest – September 16, 2017 – Show #2

9/11 memories: so much pain…even 16 years later. Earlier this week, victims and heroes came to mind. The three thousand who perished, including firefighters, first responders, law enforcement and everyday heroes, plus a thousand more who perished posthumously from lung and breathing issues, trauma, and cancer. A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt may be appropriate: “Lest I keep my complacent ways, I must remember somewhere out there a person died for me today.  I ask and I must answer, was I worth dying for?” How do you acknowledge the strength and value of those who ran into the buildings, or stayed to rescue others, or tended the injured when they were injured themselves? Have you ever thought about whether you are worth dying for? Elaborate.

Is Google a monopoly? What is a monopoly, and how, or should, that definition change over time with today’s growing technology?
Those who argue that Google is a monopoly, also argue that Facebook and Amazon are monopolies as well. Venture Capitalist Roger McNamee argues that the monopoly these large companies have stifle innovation by essential buying out newer technologies before it was given the opportunity to thrive on the open market. Is Google actually a monopoly that requires regulation, or is Google still
walking the line outside the realm of regulation?

Interview: Alex Doubet, CEO, Door/Real Estate, Real Estate Specialist. Topic: Real Estate Consequences from Hurricane Harvey. Many people are displaced and their homes are unlivable. What does this do to the housing market? What does this do to the rental market? Prices going up?

From Jail to Yale, but now a felon faces scrutiny in bid to be a lawyer. A man pulls himself up by his bootstraps after spending time
in jail. He gets into to law school (Yale) and even won acclaim as a poet, but now is being asked by a Connecticut committee to prove his “good moral character” before he is allowed to practice law, even though he passed the state bar exam in February. A panel of judges and lawyers who decide who joins the state bar flagged his file because of his 3 felony convictions as a result of his hijacking a car when he was a teenager. Should he be cleared to practice law?

Change Your Life Technology: 3 Words: Home Addresses for the World’s Most Remote Homes.