THINK! America – Weekend of Aug. 12, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - August 12, 2017 - Show #2. Guest:

Topics and Guest – August 12, 2017 – Show #2

What best protects food safety for consumers: the government or the free market? If you support the government’s role in protection, you’d say it’s essential because without it companies would cut corners to be competitive. Food could be filthy without government oversight and unsafe without regulations. However, the free market can instantaneously exact a price for a company’s lack of internal food safety regulations, as with Chipotle’s for example. The free market acted swiftly and was ruthless. Chipotle’s stock plummeted, and to build trust again they spent billions on safety, hygiene, and advertising. If a company can’t make food safe, then retribution will be ugly and abrupt and another restaurant will take the place of a Chipotle. Which side are you on for food safety?

How to save if YOLO is your motto? YOLO is computer speak for “you only live once.” If this is your MO for life, how do you save for college, a family, retirement, and life’s extras? YOLO is big with young singles, and those who find themselves in Starbucks way too often, or in retail stores, or concert, or in bars. Do they find themselves in the bank, or in the stock market or in real estate investing saving for that rainy day? Not so much! And even when they have debt such as college loans, they still tend to YOLO. What are your thoughts for changing their thinking?

Interview: Jeff Hunt, Vice President of Public Policy at Colorado Christian University. Topic: Hunt’s op-ed in USA Today takes on Sen. Corey Booker and how is Colorado doing after legalizing marijuana?

The writers for the University of Iowa’s student newspaper just made the startling discovery that being intelligent is a privilege that people acquire as an accident of birth. Well, that’s obvious, a given, and not news, but it made the paper anyway. Moreover, Dan Williams the Daily Iowan, believes that a person doesn’t’ have the right to be proud of being intelligent, because “you did absolutely nothing to earn it”. You may agree with him! Do you feel proud of possessing any “born with” privileges? Or do you think you should earn your proud feelings? (PS—remember Marilyn Monroe who believed that she was simply born beautiful, and toward her death of suicide, she claimed she was sad because she did nothing to earn her beauty.)

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