THINK! America – Weekend of Aug. 12, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - August 12, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Dr. David Magnano, Health and Wellness Expert, Gluten Researcher

Topics & Guest – August 12, 2017 – Show #1

Topics – August 12, 2017 – Show #1

Back to School, Back to Books…how, when you’re fixated by video games and the virtual world? There’s a theory that teenagers are becoming detached human beings. Summer’s almost over and teens are among those going back to school. Many of them have had the last couple of months filled with video games and virtual reality. Recently, there’s news about teens that filmed someone dying instead of helping him escape death. In Florida, a group of teens recorded and mocked a disabled man while he was drowning without coming to his aid. In California, an 18 year-old girl allegedly live-streamed a fatal car crash on Instagram that killed her 14-year-old sister and injured another teen.  How do you explain the teenager’s lack of action in desperate situations other than how they often life in a virtual reality world?

Some celebs are floating the idea that they’ll run for office, even high office. Should they? Kid Rock, Caitlyn Jenner, and The Rock are all hinting at going to Washington. Seems staying in the spotlight is so important they even have to suggest a campaign run. Are they serious? Jesse Ventura was serious, and so was Al Franken, who has served as a Minnesota Senator since 2008. Remember actor Ronald Reagan? He became the President! Anything is possible (even Donald Trump made it to the Oval Office), but is it probable?

Interview: Dr. David Magnano, Health and Wellness Expert, Gluten Researcher. Topic: Is the gluten-free craze necessary, a fad or is it important for your health.

Should we stop teaching Algebra in Community Colleges? In a world where computers do the calculating, and many young people aren’t interested in a 4-year degree, but rather 2 years at a Community College, should higher-level math be a requirement in obtaining a degree? Basic Algebra used to be introduced in the 9th grade, but if a high school student didn’t do well, but still wanted to go on to college, he/she would have to have some remedial Algebra. Now, some Community Colleges say about Algebra: “it’s not necessary at all.” What do you think? Why?

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