THINK! America – Weekend of July. 29, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - July 29, 2017 - Show #2. Guest:

Topics and Guest – July 29, 2017 Show #2

The frantic face of human smuggling. A Wal-Mart truck driver is
arrested in Texas for his part in a human smuggling enterprise. He
(and apparently others in a smuggling ring) worked to pack in 39
illegals into a large Wal-Mart truck bound for the US. The air
conditioning in the truck failed, and as of this writing 10 have died
from heat exposure and asphyxiation, including children. A
spokesman for Customs and Border Protection said that the people in
the truck probably cross the Mexican border on foot and then taken to
a stash house before being put in the tractor-trailer, were probably
migrants who had crossed the Mexican border on foot and been
taken to a stash house before being put in the tractor-trailer (“mobile
ovens”) to be transported north. How far reaching is an operation like
this, especially with the use of a Wal-mart truck? How do you see
Wal-Mart’s role, if any, in this? truck-walmart-
2/ Getting CNN Out of Airports: There’s a petition afoot to get CNN
out of our nation’s airport televisions. According to, “As it
stands, taxpayers, like you and I, fund the free broadcast of an
extremely partisan cable news network in airports around the country.
In America we aren't supposed to have state-sponsored media.
CNN's biased propaganda is being piped into the subconscious of
America's traveling public and all taxpayers are paying for their
opinion. This petition will be delivered to: FCC, FAA. “ Steve Seitz
started this petition with a single signature and now has 5541
supporters. Will it work? What if Trump tweets out support for this
since he believes CNN is fake news? If CNN is eventually gone,
what news would you want to see? Why? If CNN goes, would
replacing it bring a bigger dustup? Discuss…
3/ Terry interviews: Karen Owen Lee, Gerontology expert, on the
many options seniors have for senior care. When it’s your turn to be
cared for, how would you want it? Karen Owen Lee has worked in 5
states and over 40 retirement communities. Today, Karen is a
keynote speaker, bestselling author, and senior placement expert.
4/ Maybe Bernie Sanders should visit Native American Reservations.
The federal government provides a free, one-source health care

system for all tribal members. Sanders supports Free healthcare for
every American regardless of their ability to pay.”
Tribal health care is administered by the Department of Indian Health
Service (IHS), and is akin to the VA model for vets. But reviews are
“dismal, miserable, and horrifying” especially in rural areas. In the
end, health care may be a factor of “political expediency,” meaning if
you’re a member of a constituency that has political influence, you’ll
get good health care. If not, try moving to a district with more clout.
Should members of Congress be required to sit down with Native
Americans to discuss their government-funded one-source health
care, as they hammer out a replacement to Obamacare?