THINK! America – Weekend of July. 29, 2017 – Show #1

Topic - July 29, 2017 - Show #1. Interview:

Topics and Guest – July 29 2017 – Show #1

OJ gets sprung, but will he lay low? He beat the rap for a stay in
prison. The parole board granted the request to leave, so he could
be gone come October. Since he’s been granted parole, try to
predict his thinking: will he lay low? Will he find a life in Florida away
from the limelight, the reality TV temptations, the personal
appearances, the book signings, and away from hanging with celebs
on the golf course (or in Vegas)? If he lays low, his odds for staying
out of trouble are better. In the hearing he said he wants to “just be
with my 4 children,” but is this likely?
2/ Celebrities who support dictators: why do you suppose wealthy
(and well-fed) American celebrities support tyrannical leaders who
starve their own people to death? Most celebrities say they’re
against any kind of human exploitation, but then several of them
chummy up and seemingly support dictators and despots, whose
citizens live in abject poverty under a corrupt government. If a citizen
under a despot rebels, he/she winds up dead or tortured in prison.
Why is the celebrity voice against that?! Instead we see Michael
Moore supporting the Castro brothers, Sean Pean supporting Hugo
Chavez, Sting who performed for the daughter of deceased
Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov, and of late Dennis Rodman and
his chummy relationship with Kim Jung Un. What are these celebs
thinking, really? dictators-you- didnt-
know-had- celebrity-bffs.html
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3/ Terry interviews: Dr. Donna Barsky. Compounding Pharmacist on
what to do to save money when the cost of the drug you need is
instantly raised. Sticker shock at the pharmacy!
4/ Suing Coca Cola for deaths of youths, especially black youths.
“We’re losing more people to sweets than to the streets,” said two
black pastors who are now suing Coca-Cola. The pastors say they

are tired of presiding over funerals for parishioners who have died of
heart disease, diabetes and stroke, including young people. They
claim that the American Beverage Association, manufactures sugary
drinks knowingly deceiving customers about the health risks of sugar,
and at an enormous cost to their communities. Furthermore, they
have marketed the soda akin to how cigarettes were marketed—for
the young hip crowd. The suit claims obesity, hypertension, diabetes,
cardiovascular disease and lower-extremity amputations– all far
higher among people of color than among whites. Do they have a
strong case? Will they prevail?