THINK! America – Weekend of July. 15, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - July 15, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Mark Spencer, Southwest Project Manager Judicial Watch

Topics & Guest – July 15, 2017 – Show #2

Is the President a narcissist, and if so, is that a bad or even unusual thing for Presidents to be? The Democrats routinely diagnose President Trump as a narcissist. In the same breath they also say he’s psychologically unfit to be the President of the United States. They fail to remind the public that Obama manifested extreme narcissism, but they never said he was unfit to be the President. What exactly is a narcissist? Is that a bad thing for the personality in the Oval Office? Why do the Democrats link a narcissist to being unfit? Author Jamie Glazov (Front Page Magazine) describes this as the Left’s “faithful devotion to socialist-style psychiatric disposal of political dissidents.” What do you think?

Much has been said about MSNBC’ morning anchors, Joe Scarborough and fiance Mike Brzezinski who got into a twitter war with President Trump, but not much has been said about their own on-camera relationship—one which appears to be misogynistic by Joe toward Mika. He appears demeaning to her, sometimes even embarrassingly cruel, and on the order of the 1950s “Mad Men” style of relating to women. He interrupts her as she’s making a point, cutting her off mid-sentence, and undermines her opinions. She often dutifully goes along, and touches him nervously or rearranging her signature scarf. Why does he get a pass for treating her as a second-class citizen? Where are the tweets about his behavior? Where are the feminists going on about them?

Interview: Mark Spencer, Southwest Project Manager Judicial Watch. Topic: Latest with former Obama NSA official Susan Rich. Important and classified documents that she may have ordered resulting in the unmasking of Trump officials, including Michael Flynn, have now been sent to the Obama Library, resulting in the public not being able to see them for 5 years.

New Chicago high school initiative called “Lean. Plan. Succeed” promoted by Rham Emmanuel will be implemented in 2020. If students wants a HS diploma, he/she must show proof of a post-graduate plan acceptable to school officials. They are required to present a letter of acceptance from a college, university, community college, trade program, military program or a job-offer letter. Some critics of this new policy say it sounds good, but add that high schools don’t have enough counselors to advise and help students get into jobs, military or higher ed. Still, if the staffing was in place, would this be a good idea? If so, how can the Mayor monitor that students follow through on their post-graduation plan?

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