THINK! America – Weekend of July. 8, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - July 8, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Joe DioGuardi, former Congressman and first CPA to be elected to Congress

Topics & Guest – July 8, 2017 – Show #2

Fourth of July week: Angst in America is growing worse, according to a new poll. Americans are increasingly worried about a Tweeting Trump (is he a fighter or a bully?) health care (is the GOP incompetent?) and alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election (was it rigged by Russia?). Are you feeling? The poll says Americans are feeling alarmed and uneasy, (only 11 percent felt excited)…and the air of angst is bipartisan. Reflecting over the 4 th of July week when Americans traditionally are happy and upbeat about themes of

Teachers and Tee-shirts: Last month a NJ teacher was suspended for her part in allowing graduation pictures for the yearbook to be photo-shopped. Some high school student who work a “Make America great again” Tee shirt, or a reference To Trump on their shirt’s breastplate, noticed the terminology stripped from their shirt in the final yearbook shot. The students who had Trump terminology on their shirt for their high school picture say they were following the rules for school attire, but the teacher apparently had other thoughts about it. Some students are now glad the teacher was suspended, but did the school’s administration have to go so far?

Interview: Joe DioGuardi, former Congressman and first CPA to be elected to Congress, (famous for his videos to Congress on “cutting the fat and balancing the budget”). Topic: How the Pentagon wasted $28 million on uniforms for the Afghan Army, when we had generic camouflage uniforms to give them for free.

Is something burning? Well yes, it’s the smell of smoldering ashes from the environmentally politically correct, never questioning smug holier-than-thou, GIANT wooden altar to Clean Energy Gods. A recent study by Environmental Progress (EP) warns the toxic waste from used solar panels has become a global health threat. The waste is actually 300 times more toxic than a nuclear generator’s waste. And unlike nuclear energy waste, there has been almost no effort to understand how to safely get rid of solar panel waste. It points out that those who worship at the clean energy altar have an obligation to study the consequences of their chosen energy’s waste on the health of those who must live with it. A National Review article written by Julie Kelly, says it best: “It’s a clean energy’s dirty little secret”. Why do Americans believe without question, any of the latest and greatest “global crises” propaganda?

The woolly mammoth roamed the earth tens of thousands of years ago, but the woolly mammoth and modern day elephants still share a considerable amount of traits. In fact, scientists believe that splicing the DNA of woolly mammoths with current elephant species may be a way for endangered the Asian elephant to survive extinction. Scientists believe the technology to create this woolly mammoth-elephant hybrid could be available within the next two years for trials.

Years of research with woolly mammoth DNA have allowed scientists to study the genes that woolly mammoths share with modern day elephants. This understanding will help aid in splicing the DNA of the woolly mammoth with that of a modern day elephant to create a mammoth-elephant hybrid. The eventual goal would be to grow a mammoth embryo within an artificial womb in order to avoid compromising the reproduction system of a health elephant.

The use of this technology is not unlimited and has set boundaries in place. Dr. Edze Westra of the University of Exeter was quoted, “One can also use this technology for engineering the DNA of rapidly declining species or those that are becoming too inbred to increase their chance of survival.” With that in mind, it is unlikely we will see a real life Jurassic Park in the near future, but we should see the continued survival of the Asian elephant.  

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