THINK! America – Weekend of July. 1, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - July 1, 2017, Show #1. Guest: Shannon Walker, Director of Northwest Battle Buddies.

Topics and Guest – July 1, 2017 – Show #1

If you’re a conservative, you believe the Democrat Party has declared war on the Trump Administration, and want to impeach him. You may also believe Republicans have enough evidence, in turn, to demand investigations into alleged crimes by the Obama administration: Fast and Furious, Clinton Foundation Pay to Play scheme, Hillary’s illegal server, the IRS scandal against conservative groups, etc. The Republicans have the majority in the House and Senate. They have the committees with oversight over the executive and judicial branches. They have subpoena power and control of the executive branch to obtain documents that they could not secure under Obama. What’s stopping the Republicans taking the offensive and fighting back with the obvious ammunition—majority and power in government?

What about us humans in a world that prefers dogs? II Washington, DC., there was a fancy masquerade ball for dogs. The dogs strutted their stuff for the 30th Annual Bark Ball while raising upwards $700,000 for a local animal welfare organization. The black-tie gala allowed guests to bring their canine companions as their dinner dates. No offence to the dogs, but it’s hard to raise that kind of money for humans in need. Have we placed the welfare of animals above that of humans?

Interview: Shannon Walker, Director of Northwest Battle Buddies. Topic: Veteran suicide rates have only slightly declined from levels in past years . There is an urgency for life saving care needed for the veterans and their military families.

Amazon is set to acquire Whole Foods for over $13B dollars. Why would Jeff Bezos want to get into the grocery business in the first place, and put it under the roof of Amazon? And why would WF want to be with Amazon? Whole Food’s model was one of “from the farmer to the table, with organic, pure nutrition,” but with this sale, WF looses all control to future robot and drone delivery of what you eat. Is this a good thing? If so, for whom? Are you big on WF being acquired by Amazon? Wouldn’t you want to squeeze the produce yourself before you buy it?

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