THINK! America – Weekend of June. 17, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - June 17, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Jim Kennedy, Former Securities Portfolio Manager.

Topics and Guest – June 17, 2017 – Show #2

The Trump Administration appears serious about arresting leakers. Of late, a 25-year old Federal contractor named Reality Winner, was arrested for leaking NSA documents to an online news organization, The Intercept. As the case against her grows, authorities say that in some of her personal writings she has vowed to burn down the White House, and has sided with Al-Qaeda. Still, she is only 25. Do you have any sympathy for her being a product of her generation—those young people who respect no barriers (classified documents) and who admire the likes of Edward Snowden, Jullian Assange, and Bradley (Chelsea) Manning. After all, President Obama pardoned Manning! Discuss.

Lunch shaming. There’s a troubling trend out there—lunch shaming, and it’s on the rise. When a student doesn’t have enough lunch money, schools are taking away the scheduled food and replacing it with an alternative lunch like a small carton of milk and cold cheese sandwich, (or sometimes no lunch at all.) Parents who are behind on their lunch money payment say it’s a kick is the face to their child. Are you a victim of, or know someone who is a victim of lunch shaming?

Interview: Jim Kennedy, Former Securities Portfolio Manager. Topic: Kennedy bought a bankrupt mining operation rich in rare earth elements (REE) used in the production of military weapons, cell phones, and lasers. He discovered China owns the entire global supply and manufacturing chain of REE, and our government including the Pentagon) doesn’t seem to care. The new book “Sellout” is about his story (by Victoria Bruce.)

The UC System, headed up by Janet Napolitano has been charged with hiding a $175 million slush fund when regents wanted to increase tuition by 28% in 2014. An audit found that her office had built up the $175 million over the years, and created secret budgets to spend the money, including grossly overpaying some managers. The audit also charged that Napolitano’s office deleted and/or changed confidential survey results sent to each campus, so that the results were more flattering. But Napolitano said the reserve is actually $38 million, and the much of the money goes through her office and on to the campuses across California. In the end the Board of Regents stood by Napolitano saying she is an “effective leader for the University of California system…” so what do you think? Is this a political witch hunt or typical government bureaucracy hiding the truth from taxpayers?