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THINK! America – Weekend of June. 10, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - June 10, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Jim Manley, Goldwater Institute, Senior Attorney for Scharf-Norton Center of Constitutional Litigation

Topics and Guest – June 10, 2017 – Show #2

Pittsburgh not Paris: Trump says the USA will pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, essentially saving $100B dollars. This means that China will have to take the lead, along with the Europeans who remain in the accord, thus creating strange bedfellows on the issue of climate change. Trump has also said he believes that man plays a role in climate change, but that he’s a president for Pittsburgh, and not Paris (meaning USA and not the Globe). If Trump believes man plays a role in climate change, why pull out?

Panhandlers! They’re ubiquitous, and some say are even “human blight” on a community, akin to rundown buildings are blight in a neighborhood. The ACLU is in the mix in this in Oklahoma City, which is trying to eliminate panhandling by calling it a public safety issue. What’s the best community response to this practice of panhandling: city ordinances and legal means, or using religious outreach to get panhandlers off the streets and many out of homelessness?

Interview: Jim Manley, Goldwater Institute, Senior Attorney for Scharf-Norton Center of Constitutional Litigation. Topic: U of A’s creation of a new Social Justice Advocate position for their college students.

Summer is upon us and the Department of Homeland Security says they’re strongly considering banning all laptops to be carried on board international flights. Does this sound like they might be on to new terrorists’ ways to attack airplanes, or do you think this is overkill by Homeland Security to keep you and me safe? This is another topic on security verses freedom. Which side are you on? Why? Why not? How much is too much?

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