THINK! America – Weekend of June. 10, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - June 10, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Dawit Habte, a Refugee from War-Torn Eritrea.

Topics and Guest – June 10, 2017 – Show #1

London Bridge is falling down! Such is the sentiment by columnists in UK who are against political correctness and mealy-mouthed responses to terror, especially by politicians. In the past 3 months there have been three more terror attacks similar to attacks in France: the attack on Westminster Bridge/Parliament, the Manchester concert attack, and the London Bridge van/ restaurant knife attacks. PM Teresa May says “We can’t go on like this!” Still, there are reportedly between 23,000 known extremists in UK of which 3000 are terror suspects. Is it time for PM Teresa May and London Mayor Khan to begin a roundup for deportation?

Millions of Americans are up in arms over the possibility of the Trump administration cutting funding to PBS’s 300 stations and NPR’s 800 stations, which receive $450M annually. Even if public broadcasting gives Americans service and value, should the government be in the broadcasting business in the first place, and especially when there is no such equivalent public newspaper? Over the years have the stations of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting become hostage to politics?

Interview: Dawit Habte, a Refugee from War-Torn Eritrea. Topic: His journey from his homeland to Kenya, to asylum in the US. He’s now a graduate of John Hopkins, and works as and a software engineer…his story as a refugee who made it in the US. Author of “Gratitude in Low Voices.”

National Review says ‘Polyamory’ is a modern name for a backwards practice (polygamy.) It’s the philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time. Generally speaking the “more than one person” are women. This arrangement is becoming trendy in American culture as evidenced by the shows Sister Wives and You Me Her. A century and a half ago polygamy became illegal as it was considered oppressive to women. But now in 2017 mostly all polygamous relations involve man, woman, woman, and might not be considered oppressive today, given progressive views. What do you think? Should the government stay out of our ‘love business?’ And what about children’s rights in polygamous relationships?

Change Your Life Technology: A New Conductor of Electricity Doesn’t Conduct Heat.