THINK! America – Weekend of June. 3, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - June 3, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Mark Herrera, former Special Ops, Director of Education/International Association of Venue Managers, and Dept of Homeland Security’s Sub-sector Council.

Topics and Guest – June 3, 2017 – Topic #2

Many political analysts (including hosts like Limbaugh) are warning of a silent coup presently afoot to overthrow the Trump Administration. This coup is not a traditional military one, but instead consists of faceless folks who believe their agenda is better than the administration’s. Some of the coup might consist of EPA, or Intelligence, or Democratic elite-types who try to consolidate power and isolate the presidency. There are also Progressives who resent an outlier businessman in the WH. Is President Trump our last best hope to fight the unelected officials who cripple our cherished heritage? Or is it too late, and we the people can only bear witness to the “deep state” of unelected government-types who aim to overthrow this president and his agenda?

We don’t like Guns! The “Service Above Self” prestigious worldwide service club known as Rotary International has a new policy regarding guns, weapons, and armaments. These weapons are not welcome. The Rotary International Board of Directors (with three American directors) has voted to disassociate itself with weapons. The policy goes into effect July 1, with somewhat unclear language, causing many US Rotary members to say, “This is downright un-American.” Why do you think RI would enact such a policy given it’s wealthiest members come form the USA?

Interview:  Mark Herrera, former Special Ops,  Director of Education/International Association of Venue Managers, and Dept of Homeland Security’s Sub-sector Council. Topic: Securing Soft Targets Against Terror.

Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Michael Dell are all CEO’s of extremely successful companies. They also have one more thing in common. They attended public schools. Those against school choice say it’s a myth that charter schools are better than public ones. They also think it’s just a scam to make private schools cheaper for rich people, and an opportunity for the private education industry to benefit at the expense of taxpayers. Have our public schools deteriorated so much in the past few years that parents are justified in demanding more school options? The school choice proponents say we need a marketplace in education and that public schools will benefit from the competition, as academic outcomes will be improved. Plus, school choices reduce racial tension and benefit the poor. So, how do you see it: public v charter school? Shouldn’t parents have a choice? Why? Why not?