THINK! America – Weekend of May 27, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - May 27, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: David Horowitz. David Horowitz Freedom Center, Author - Big Agenda, New York Times Author, Nationally Recognized Political Writer

Topics and Guest -May 27, 2017 – Show #1

Manchester attack on May 22, 2017: Local police and Interpol believe a man detonated an improvised explosive device and died at the scene in his attack at a concert hall during an Ariana Grande performance. They believe he used nuts, bolts and nails inside the device before detonating it, killing himself, several others, and injuring many. Mostly young teens were in attendance. Some terror experts speculate that the attack on this date (May 22, 2013) is reminiscent of a horrific attack also in England when two young men used a meat cleaver to hack to death a British soldier on a London street. Authorities point overwhelmingly to young men who become Islamists as the attackers. Will it be young innocent people, experiencing events like this, who will eventually help turn the tide against their peers— young guilty terrorists?

Social Democrats, a la Bernie Sanders, are proponents of redistribution of wealth, regulation of markets to be more humane, centralized government and rejection of free markets. These concepts are exactly the ones applied in Venezuela for the last twenty years. The social democracy brand of socialism was applauded by the left just a short few years ago. Today, there’s total silence, despite chaos in Venezuela, people starving and a complete breakdown of infrastructure. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro claims it’s a political issue, not an economic one, and blames it on Capitalism. Socialists say the wrong guy is in charge. Why are Social Democrats (Bernie-style) refusing to talk about Venezuela? Don’t they care about the people, especially children?

Interview: David Horowitz. David Horowitz Freedom Center, New York Times Author, Nationally Recognized Political Writer. Topic: Big Agenda –  New Book about Trump’s Presidency

18 boys from a frat at Penn State are now facing a variety of prosecutorial offenses, after one of their own frat members got dangerously drunk, fell on metal banister’s stairs, and later died from alcohol poisoning. Of the 18, eight of them face involuntary manslaughter for doing nothing other than stepping over his body where he lay. The frat is now expelled from campus and Penn State is shamed again. In your view, is Penn State behind the eight ball with it’s macho “boys will be boys” culture, given their history of frat hazing and drinking, and given it’s macho adoration of all things football? Remember how Joe Paterno was idolized? The victim’s father said once his son was overcome by alcohol, he was treated as “roadkill.”