THINK! America – Weekend of April. 29, 2015 – Show #2

Topics - April 29, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Jeff Singer: Surgeon, WSJ Contributor, Adjunct Scholar at Cato Institute

Topics & Guest – April 29, 2017 – Show #2

Pres. Trump says Iran is not living up to the spirit of the nuclear deal, but Rex Tillerson says Iran is compliant in all requirements. These statements do not contradict each other, because 3 things are required for a nuke: fissile material, technology to make it explode, and ballistic missiles to deliver it. According to Fox’s Krauthammer, the Obama administration only considered the fissile element, which Iran agreed to freeze. But The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) warns that Iran’s “clandestine work on a nuclear weapon continued after the deal,” and that Iran continues to work on methods to explode bombs as well as their delivery systems. Do you think Obama and Kerry were well-intentioned when they only addressed the fissile material component? Do you believe Obama and Kerry wanted to make Iran whole again by lifting sanctions and going easy on a deal?

Are  separate bathrooms be the reason for marriage longevity?  Actor Michael Caine says Yes, claiming he’s never shared the same bathroom with his wife of 44 years. Given that bathrooms are private and personal spaces and the place where people are their least attractive, why expose your spouse to this visual? Plus, many bathrooms are small cubicles, and yet they are used for lengthy and often elaborate “prep time” an the ordinary day or for a special event. Do you think having separate bathrooms would make marriage life more bearable?

Interview: Jeff Singer: Surgeon, WSJ Contributor, Adjunct Scholar at Cato Institute. Topic: Will the influence of the members of Club for Growth be the deciding factor which (in the end) defines the new Health Care Bill? How?

Advances in stem cell engineering including the prospect of synthetic embryos are now forcing scientists to face a number of ethical considerations. One of them is whether the “Sheef” is here to stay. A sheef is a synthetic human entity with embroyo-like features. As stem cell science develops, experts say they’ll learn how to engineer these cells into new kinds of tissues and organs which may take on features of a mature human being. So how long should a fertility clinic, for example, be allowed to let these embryos grow?

Change Your Life Technology: Artificially Created Meat.