THINK! America – Weekend of April. 29, 2015 – Show #1

Topics - April 29, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: David Limbaugh, Author, & Attorney

Topics and Guest – April 29, 2017 – Show #1

We’re about at the first 100 days of the Trump presidency. Many critics on the right say he’s been “hit and miss, but mostly a hit,” and that he came out swinging…plus, he’s all in for the long haul to make America great again. The critics on the left continue to hate him and are finding any reason to put him down. Those on the far left are turning into anarchists. What is your take about the first 100 days of the Trump presidency? Be specific with specific examples.

How Facebook hacks your brain: a product manager for Facebook has revealed how FB uses old tricks and methods to get us hooked—tricks used in casinos and with bookies. They’re designed to keep the user logging on… and on…and on. Even when FB shows live rape and even murder on its site, some viewers have a callous reaction, almost mesmerized and do not call the police. Are you, or do you know someone addicted to Facebook?  Is FB just a free speech platform where anything goes?

Interview: David Limbaugh, Author, & Attorney. Topic: Coptic Christians bombed in Egypt, and general persecution of Christians world wide…Landmark study out of Notre Dame shows that Christians are now the number one group persecuted in the world.

Sexual politics: Do we have a consensus on the census? Taking the census every 10 years is challenging, particularly when census-takers try to determine America’s gay population, and more to the point, America’s trans-population. The trans-population poses even a more unique challenge given that one identifies a certain way (as opposed to orients a certain way), and gender identity can also be fluid. Should the census use one’s biological sex at birth never asking about sexual orientation or gender identification? Why? Why not? And what about racial identity? Have we accepted that one can be white but identify, say, as black? Vice-versa? This is certainly a gray area for census takers.

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