THINK! America – Weekend of April. 15, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - April 15, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, Harvard Scholar, Businessman, President, International American Council. Board member of of US-Middle East Chamber of Business and Commerce and Member of Harvard International Relations Council

Topics and Guest – April 15, 2017 – Show #1

It’s for the Children…” Perhaps this is why many on the Left in America seems to be giving kudos to President Trump for his 59 air strikes against a Syrian Air Base. Odd, but even leaning-left columnists in the New York Times have praised Trump’s decisive and swift action. Yet, if pictures of children victimized by chemical attacks were not spread across the web, would Syrian strikes be considered acts of war without the approval of Congress? Probably. During the Vietnam conflict, the body of a naked girl fleeing from war made the cover of Newsweek. From that, several war historians emphasized how that picture help turn the tide of war and America’s feelings about it. So, because innocent children’s bloodshed invokes powerful emotions, would Trump be wise to use this as strategy in the future? Would it be wise to capitalize on images of children as human shields or children as suicide bombers to win support in the war against ISIS? Discuss.

Should infants be outfitted in baby hi-heels? Social media says “no” to an American footwear company who has manufactured Pee Wee Pumps, designed to make infant girls the “belles of the ball” in their shoes. When criticism came, the company’s founder said the shoes were only a prop to be “funny and cute.” But critics say that’s a dodge, because they think the shoes were designed to be a money-maker which sexualizes baby girls. Do you think baby hi-heels are “wrong and disgusting” as many on social media do? Or do you think this is nothing to strut about?

Interview: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, Harvard Scholar, Businessman, President, International American Council. Board member of of US-Middle East Chamber of Business and Commerce and Member of Harvard International Relations Council. Topic: How US liberals don’t understand Islam. (Gatestone Institute article.)

A man is dragged off the plane when he refuses to give up his seat for a United Airlines crew. Is this the friendly skies of United? How did we get here? The backstory includes the fact that United oversold the flight (which is somewhat routine), and then offered $800.00 to anyone would give up their seat. United got no takers, but demanded that 4 passengers get off if the computer “draws” their name. One of those passengers said he was a doctor and had patients he needed to treat, but United called officers to physically remove him. The incident went downhill from there when the man was dragged on the aisle bleeding from the mouth. Once off he was able to break free and run back into the plane, but was taken off again—all caught on videotape. This story has many facets to it, including many PR and legal angles.

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