THINK! America – Weekend of April. 8, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - April 8, 2017 - Show #2 - Guest: Linda Williams, Author, Behaviorist and MSW Certified and Professional Life Coach.

Topics and Guest – April 8, 2017 – #2

St. Petersburg Explosion: Inside a metro train traveling from one stop to another a nail bomb was planted and exploded, killing 11 people and wounding 50. Detectives believe a 22 year old Islamist suicide bomber who is a loyalist is responsible. He also allegedly planted a second device (disguised as a fire extinguisher) which was defused. Already comments on social media state that President Putin will seek revenge in the harshest of ways. Yet, unsecured soft targets (like public trains) are a problem for him, just as they are for leaders in Europe and the United States. What do you think Putin will do to counter this attack? Will he beef up Russian efforts in the Islamic State? Might he ask USA’s help, thus finding a partnership with us?

Armpit hair: It’s a sign of our times that we micro-analyze our bodies and it goes beyond being critical; we also politicize our bodies. The latest issue with feminists is the controversy of the new Wonder Woman movie and whether or not Wonder Woman should show armpit hair. The movie officially comes out in June, but some feminists who saw the preview are complaining that the character is not thoroughly feminist enough, because she is seen as confirming to unrealistic, patriarchal beauty standards by not having visible armpit hair. Thoughts?

Interview: Linda Williams, Author, Behaviorist and MSW Certified and Professional Life Coach. Topic: Why Americans aren’t happier.

The NY State of Regents recently voted to eliminate the Academic Literacy Skills Test as a pre-qualifier for potential teachers to work in New York public schools. The issue? The majority (80%) of individuals passing it were predominantly white. (On the first try, 46% Hispanics passed, 21% Blacks passed, and 64% Whites passed.) Supporters of eliminating the test say the exam wasn’t effective in its goal and there is evidence to support this position. So, are the Regents opting for diversity over employing the most highly qualified teachers or is the “literacy” test sub-par?

Change Your Life Technology: .20 Cent Adapted Child’s Toy can replace $1,000 Centrifuge for Medical Tests.