THINK! America – Weekend of April. 8, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - April 8, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Christi Staib, Pres and CEO, Silver Sail Wealth Advisors/Wealth Manager.

Topics and Guest – April 8, 2017 – Show #1

Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser to Obama, is named (or to use DC parlance, is unmasked) as one senior official who ordered the unmasking of US citizens from Team Trump after reportedly a year of surveillance before the Inauguration. This news goes to verify the Trump tweet that Trump Tower was wiretapped. This is an extremely serious matter, and many in the know say that more Obama senior officials will be exposed—perhaps Ben Rhodes, James Clapper, John Brennan…(perhaps Obama himself). Given that Susan Rice was also considered a patsy for Obama and Hillary declaring that the Benghazi attack was because of a video, and that Bo Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction,” are you surprised she’s reportedly involved again with what appears to be a behind-the-scene bidding for Obama? When questioned on the unmasking situation on March 22, she said this on national TV, “I know nothing about this.” Is Susan Rice a liar? Should she be prosecuted? Is this bigger than Watergate? Read this link:

When did air travel turn into one giant slumber party? Two teen girls were turned away from a flight for non-compliance with United’s dress code for “Free or Pass Passengers.” They were wearing leggings. The dress code for United employees also applies for passengers who are flying free, which the girls were set to do. The agent at the gate was enforcing the dress code rules. Should the agent have allowed the girls to board in leggings, going against company policy for “pass or gratis” fliers?

Interview: Christi Staib, Pres and CEO, Silver Sail Wealth Advisors/Wealth Manager. Topic: Women’s Investments and why are so many retired women financially strapped, especially if spouse is deceased. How to change this trend…

Should Police engage in policing morality? Spring Break – every year college kids head to the nearest beach town for a week.They drink too much and make terrible decisions. The hip place used to be Daytona Beach or Panama Beach, but this year it’s South Padre Island, TX. Authorities report that on some days in South Padre Island, they surveyed 100,000 people on the beach, where numerous combative and violent brawls occurred. It appears that anything goes (liquor, drugs, sex) EXCEPT glass on the beach. When spring break occurs some residents hate the beach environment, the loud music and rambunctious students, but others say the bigger picture is the long-term sustainability of an economy that relies heavily on tourist dollars. What’s your take on out of control beach-y spring breaks? See video at this link: SPI-shaping- up-to-be- busiest-in- 11005023.php#item-38489

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