THINK! America – Weekend of March. 4, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - March 4, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Tim Sifert, President of American Campaign Finance Foundation.

Topics and Guest – March 4,2017 – Show #2

No “soup” for you! Trump says NO to the annual Correspondents dinner. In the ongoing battle with the news media, including calling CNN’s news “fake”, Trump will now skip the dinner. But should he? This dinner is a celebration of the first amendment, a time to roast reporters and politicos, and is known as an hilarious event, amid an otherwise year of serious news. If Trump doesn’t go, he doesn’t get to roast reporters. If Trump doesn’t go, does it mean he can’t take a joke?

Does money buy happiness? Philosophers say no, yet if you’ve earned your money, rather than being given a handout, chances are you’ve earned more self-respect and dignity. If, instead, you receive a government welfare paycheck, it’s a monetary gift, but it doesn’t fill the dignity-deficit you may feel. This could be especially true with men, who say they want meaningful jobs that give them more self-respect, rather than a handout. Do you think this is why so many white men, especially without college degrees, voted for Trump?

Interview: Tim Sifert, President of American Campaign Finance Foundation. Topic: Candidates are already gearing up for the Congressional races and making gross mistakes regarding election compliance, election laws, and reporting. There’s a lot more laws than meet the eye, and many candidates fall into political quicksand.

Native American Indians do not own the land they live on, use, and govern. The United States owns the land, and The Bureau of Indian Affairs manages the land. Regarding lucrative coal, oil, and gas contracts, the BIA has massive regulations which often stifle lucrative deals for impoverished tribes. According to Mark Fox, Chair of Three Affiliated Tribes in ND, a deal “takes three times longer on trust lands than on private land.” Would privatizing Indian land lift Indians out of poverty? Currently, Pres. Trump is hearing from a 27-member Indian Advisory Board whether or not to privatize it.

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