THINK! America – Weekend of Feb. 25, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - February 25, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Warren Meyer, Climate Expert/ Skeptic

Topics and Guest – February 25, 2017 – Show #2

Republicans are proposing a “Border Adjustability Tax” to be included in their tax reform plan. It would allow companies to deduct the cost of goods that are exported, but importers would be subjected to a tax on their products. Steve Forbes says this only helps large exporters while importers, such as retail stores, will later pass on the cost to us. “Enacting a big, brand-new tax to finance cuts in old taxes is a dangerous business” and “it’s one step away from a value added tax”.  What do you think?

A tragic new trend is appearing on Facebook: teens streaming their suicides. Psychologists say many of the same reasons teens have committed suicide in the past are evident with this trend, but the idea of videotaping one’s death on social media is a new development. What do you suppose is behind “public display of death” on FB? hangs-herself-while- streaming-suicide- on-facebook- live/21662820/

Interview:  Warren Meyer, Climate Expert/ Skeptic. Topic: Latest whistle blower ‘s challenge to NOAA’s data which was presented at the Paris climate change meeting. (under Obama Administration).

The CDC has posted warnings about the danger of vaping including claims of it being a gateway drug to cigarette usage. And the FDA has already passed regulations which could put many vapor stores out of business next year if they don’t comply with application costs ($100,000-$400,000). Yet, the Royal College of Physicians (UK) says some health concerns are actually eliminated when one switches to vaping. Is our government rejecting scientific evidence from this esteemed UK medical group? Why? Why not?

Change Your Life Technology: Alzheimer’s Drug Promotes Tooth Regrowth.