THINK! America – Weekend of Feb. 11, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - February 11, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Anthony "Ward" Connerly, Founder & President, American Civil Rights Institute

Topics and Guest – February 11, 2017 – Show #1

The push for Nationalism: It’s a  multidimensional concept involving the sharing of a common identification with one’s nation. Nationalism can be a positive force to bring people together in a productive way to protect one’s country, but it can also me a force which leads citizens to believe they are superior to other countries, whereby they “go it alone.” Do you think Nationalism is something to be wary of or not? ideas not-necessarily-a-bad- thing/article/2599075

Emasculation of Men: In reaction to Madonna and other feminists who showed their colors at the Women’s March with militant speech and Pussycat Hats atop their heads, Pierce Morgan (formerly of CNN) tweeted out that he’s organizing a Men’s March against rabid feminists. Even if a men’s march doesn’t get underway, does he have a point and should something be done by men to stop attacks on men? causes-a- stir-on- social-media/article/2612582

Interview: Anthony “Ward” Connerly, former 12-year Regent of the UC System, Founder and President of the American Civil Rights Institute. Topic: Violence on college campuses –  specifically, Berkeley against conservative speaker(s).

RT, Russian Television, (cable and satellite global TV funded by the Kremlin) is seen in many American hotel rooms, especially internationally. Their producers say the American audience watches it for “stories, views and analysis they won’t find in the mainstream media and that critics are mostly members of the US political establishment, uncomfortable with losing the longtime monopoly on information.” Ed Schultz as well as Michael Flynn have been guests. Is RT a Russian bullhorn in the form of a TV network in the US? 2016-russia-today- rt-kremlin- media-vladimir- putin-213833 hack-election- they-hacked-democracy/ watch/USA

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