THINK! America – Weekend of Jan. 28, 2017 – Show #1

Topics - January 28, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Stuart Taylor, Author, "Campus Rage Frenzy"

Topics and Guest – January 28, 2017 – Show #1

The Outlier President begins: Trump lines up the issues and begins working on TPP (gone), ACA (to repeal), the border wall (to establish) and the press (to scold). Supporters say he will work on weekends and expects Senators to do the same vetting and confirming his cabinet nominees. How do you think he’s doing so far?

AirBNB is known as the “Uber” for renting a bed and breakfast around the world. But it has its challenges—it’s banned in Berlin, under assault in San Francisco, threatened in Barcelona, and outlawed in New York. Nonetheless, the company is pressing on, and is now into full-on excursions and adventures as “AirBNB Trips,” which further move the company toward experiences only humans can provide. Will the trips get heavy criticism, too? What’s wrong with AirBNB trips?

Interview:  Stuart Taylor, author,  on new hot book, “Campus Rape Frenzy.”  Topic: The lines of a violent sex act forced on another person (traditionally called rape) are blurred on many college campuses. Often liquor and marijuana are involved and there’s little mal-intent to use/abuse another person for sexual pleasure. So when is rape, rape on a college campus?

The families of American victims of Islamic State terrorist attacks in Europe have sued Twitter, charging that it allowed ISIS to proliferate online. The families of three victims killed in Orlando’s terrorist attack are also suing Twitter, as well as Facebook and Google, for providing "material support" to Islamic State.  In these lawsuits, is it a case of going for “deep pockets,” or did social media fail its users in not deleting terrorist sites?

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