THINK! America – Weekend of Jan. 14, 2017 – Show #2

Topics - January 14, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Michele Byington, Attorney & Expert on U.S. Shield Law

Topics and Guest – January 14, 2017 – Show #2

Activism: Meryl Streep used her stage time at the Golden Globes this past week to slam Donald Trump, using the example that he mocked a disabled reporter. (Trump denied he mocked him.) Regardless, why do you suppose Hollywood personalities find the need to wade into social/political issues and take on the role of activist for certain causes? What is it about being a celebrity that moves them to speak to issues outside their expertise? Why would they want a “cause celebre” when they are already a celeb?

A Vegan restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, called The Garden Diner and Cafe, closed it’s doors recently which isn’t exactly big news except this restaurant modeled itself to fit a Communistic philosophy. The owner offered equal pay and equal say to all employees whether skilled or not. No bosses, no tips, and collective decision-making. Most restaurant startups fail their first year. But why was this failure uniquely different?

Interview: Michele Byington, Attorney and Expert on US Shield Law.  Topic: Given the open space (soft target) of Ft. Lauderdale airport which led to an active shooter situation, airports are again targets for terror. What should you do if you are in the path of open fire?

Privacy, please! Police are set to consider refrigerators and washing machines as “witnesses” in criminal assault cases, including murder plots. Do you want to own household appliances which have built in cameras and timers that records data of a personal nature—habits, behaviors, movements, etc.?

Change Your Life Technology: Infrared Light Device Makes Giving Blood Super Easy.