THINK! America – Weekend of Dec. 31, 2016 – Show #2

Topics - December 31, 2016 - Show #2. Guest: Nick Dranias, Attorney and Creator of Prosperity Zones in Prosperity States

Topics and Guest – December 31, 2016 – Show #2

The year in review: The world order is now in flux as a result of the politically unexpected—Trump and Brexit wins, the rise in nationalist parties, the surge of migrants into new countries and territorities,and the sudden unexpected ISIS style attacks in Brussels, Nice, Orlando, Berlin. Do you think these “in-flux” events are the new normal going into 2017? If so, how long before this “upset” settles down creating a new world order? What will the new order look like to you?

New Year’s Resolutions: For many people a new year brings new resolve. Many people resolve to lose weight, to quit smoking, to quit drinking, to quit illegal drugs or to simply resolve for better relationships. Lofty goals and ambitions, but most New Years resolutions fail. Why is that? Why do you suppose resolutions are broken? Why does it take to make a resolve stick, because if it doesn’t, why have a New Years resolution in the first place?

Interview: Nick Dranias, Attorney and creator of “Prosperity Zones in Prosperity States”. Topic: Prosperity Initiative. What is a “prosperity zone” and how does one get established in poor metro areas? a-policy- lesson-from- when-harry- met-sally

Trump is expected to fill more than 100 judicial vacancies. This includes potential Supreme Court vacancies, which, depending on the Justice, Trump boasts, can sway a court in a conservative direction. But aren’t Justices on any bench to be “blind?” Why do we hear of a “liberal bench” or “conservative bench,” if each case is to be determined with a “blindfold,” as in the blindfold on Lady Justice who holds the scales? Discuss…

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